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Amazon Fire Phone can’t compete with big boys

firephoneAmazon Fire Phone can’t compete with big boys at least for now.

New Amazon Fire Phone  Pre-orders Start Now

For Amazon it is not the next Big thing but a step forward. The newly release Fire Phone a first Smartphone from Amazon is different but not as great as Amazon thought it would be. It took Amazon nearly 4 years to build their first phone.  And maybe the problem with the phone is that its 4 years late.

The Fire Phone is different than your average phone those days, it definitely has some really cool features but as a Smartphone it can’t compete with giants like Apple and Samsung.

We dint have a Fire Phone to play with so we cant give you a good review, but we can tell you few cool thing about the phone and few not so cool.

Amazons first Smartphone at a first glance looks like mini Fire tablet, and if you look closely thats what it is with some extras.  To be so late in the game you would figure that Amazon would take all the mistakes from the other phone manufacturers and make sure that they don’t do the same.

Firefly is definitely cool and my favorite feature, it is sort of a like QR scanner, Shazam and Laser Scanner combined on steroids. Take a object in front of the camera and Firefly scans it and find it. Amazon is one of the biggest market places for books, music and pretty much anything that you can buy. Amazon took that and made Firefly their own Amazon search engine.

The main features in Fire Phone are the 3D effect Dynamic Perspective which is cool. Dynamic Perspective is A custom-designed sensor system that responds to how you hold, view, and move your phone. 4 Sensing cameras follow your head movement to hive you the effect, but at the same time probably dr5ain battery very well and even give you motion sickness like IPhone did.

Mayday is not new, it has been around on Fire Tablet but now it is available on your phone. I got to give Amazon credit when it customer service , Amazon is great. Free, live, on-device video support 24×7.

Amazon specs say we can get speed up to 300 Mbps with channel bonding, but that is not true. The phone supports that but AT&T does not and will not allow you to use that feature in the phone since AT&T is the exclusive Cellular carrier for Fire Phone

Fire Phone price is similar to Galaxy S5 and Iphone 5S, In my opinion that is too much, after all the phone is good but not that great.

The phone its self is little bulky and has glass in the front and the back, rubber on the side. If one thing Amazon should know is that glass breaks and does not look good. Apple IPhone back is also glass and we all know what happened. IPhone on the other hand is smaller that Fire and is protective case friendly where Fire is already bulky and adding a protective case will make it even bulkier.

Free unlimited cloud storage – Amazon is not the first one to offer free unlimited clud storage, but as we know that is only temporary.

So far what we noticed is that the battery and the sim card are pre-installed and are not user accessible.  We also noticed that the Fire Phone OS is Android based and has Android apps and tools but Google might have been left out.

We think that the phone has few really cool features that will turn few heads but it will not win over Galaxy and IPhone fans.

Complete Specs provided by Amazon.com


Size 5.5″ x 2.6″ x 0.35″ (139.2mm x 66.5mm x 8.9mm)
Weight 5.64 ounces (160 grams)
Processor 2.2GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, with Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM
Display 4.7″ HD LCD display, with 1280 x 720 resolution
Cameras 13 MP rear-facing camera, auto focus, optical image stabilization, f/2.0 5-element wide aperture lens, LED flash
2.1 MP front-facing camera
OS Fire OS 3.5.0
Storage 32 GB or 64 GB
Cloud Storage Free cloud storage for all Amazon content, and photos taken with Fire phone
Battery Battery size: 2400mAh. Talk time: up to 22 hours; standby time: up to 285 hours. Video playback: up to 11 hours; audio playback: up to 65 hours.
Video recording 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps (front- and rear-facing cameras)
Audio playback Dual stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus audio processing
TV and Video Supports screen mirroring and Second Screen
Content formats supported Audio: Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), non-DRM AAC, MP3, MIDI, OGG, PCM/WAVE, AAC LC/ELD, HE-AAC (v1 & v2), AMR-NB, AMR-WB, AMR-WB+, Audible Enhanced format (AAX); Video: MPEG4, VP8, H.264/MPEG4/AVC,MPEG4 SP, H.263,AVI,HDCP2.x, PlayReady DRM; Images: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, GIF87a,GIF89a; Viewable docs: PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively, DOC, DOCX, Kindle (AZW), KF8, TXT
Sensors Dynamic Perspective sensor system with invisible infrared illumination, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor
Location GPS, Assisted GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi/Cellular location, and Digital compass
Cellular UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz), Quad-band GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz), 9 bands of LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 17, 20), supports carrier aggregation
Connectivity 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, up to 300 Mbps with channel bonding; Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology; NFC enabled
Headphones Premium, tangle-free headphones with remote and mic
SIM Card Pre-installed Nano SIM card
Ports Micro USB 2.0
3.5mm headphone
Included in the Box Amazon Fire Phone with Fire OS 3.5.0
Premium headphones with remote and mic
Micro USB to USB charging cable
USB power adapter (5W)
Quick Start Guide

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Google Glass Review – The Next Big Thing

What makes Google Glass so special? We have done the pros and cons for you.

Google glass

© Naeblys – Fotolia.com
Google Glass

Google Glass is reality augmented glasses and is a classic endeavor on the part of Google. It is better than the normal glasses in every possible way. Designed to transmit the perceived information to your right eye, Google Glass is one of the trendiest gadget to possess. With the launch of a whole new array of hues and frames, the Google Glass has become the new in.

So what is it about Google Glass that makes it different? Let us take a peek into the specifications of this amazing product.


Some of the promising features of Google Glass are


    The interface has been designed to match your comfort so that you can scroll through the menu leisurely. Voice command is a great feature that allows you to voice-control the Google Glass without any glitch.


    This singular feature has made Google Glass an instant success. Voice-maneuvering the camera makes it possible for you to capture every photo perfectly. The quality of the pictures matches that of any of the smart phone. However, one edge that Google Glass has over the cameras and smart phones is the great variance in angles at which the photos can be taken.


    reading your email with a single swipe of the finger without actually touching the glass is another of the amazing features. So is going through the tweets on Twitter.

  • CLOCK:

    referring to your cell phone and watches to check time is no more a necessity when Google Glass has it on display for you right in front of your eyes.



One of the major concerns that have been raised since the launch of Google Glass has been that of privacy. It has made invading people’s privacy quite easier. Incorporation of features like a blinking recording light might resolve the problem by indicating to a person that Google Glass is at work and might be recording or clicking away their personal life.


Although the usage and applicability of Google Glass is quite limited at the moment, further trials are being carried out to test its viability in the markets. The availability of less than a 100 applications doesn’t make it that appealing. New features are likely to be incorporated to increase the customers’ interest in the product. The real challenge that will be faced by Google will be to pique the interest of the potential users in the product to a level where they’ll be actually willing to buy this gadget and use it out in the open.

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How to Save Money When Buying New Car

Tips when Buying a new Car

Tips when Buying a new Car

So you decided that there is need for a new car. Great!!! Who does not want that new car smell?
In this article I will tell you how you can save thousand off dealer asking price.

First of all, do you really need a Brand new car? If you answered yes than this article will help you save, if you said no, then I can save even more and you should read my article on how to save money when buying a used car..When buying a Brand New Car, be careful not to spent on bells and whistles as there are alternatives way to get them and for much lower price.
The biggest thing person will over pay on is GPS. From a dealer a GPS system is from $1500-$7000 extra. come on its 2014, GPS is standard in most cars, so negotiate the price to incude GPS but keep in mind that ever smartphone has GPS and Garmin or TomTom GPS work just fine and are cheap.
Look in to a aftermarket solutions, they may not have exactly what the OEM has to offer but they have allot of other nice functions that you can take advantage of and for price of no more than $1000, that is allot of money that can be saved.

Next there are extra warranties.

Manufacturers Extended warranty, if it is prices from $1500-$3000 for the extra 3 years. Sure buy it, repairs are expansive on the newer models but don’t go creasy as the most common parts that you need to spend money are not covered by the warranty. Watch out for other stuff like Road Hazards Insurance and Interior & exterior, Road hazard insurance can be nice, but it all depends on the price, I personally paid $545 for 5 years, which I already used 3 times so it does pay for self back, mostly on fixing bend whiles and once on a flat tire. Don’t expect them to replace your tires; they have specific rules on how much wear needs to be on those tires. Interior & Exterior insurance is another one, Remember they fix not replace, so be careful it’s probably waste of money.

LoJack is one thing where you would waste money, it cost a lot to get it installed and you save very little on your insurance. Long run it is not worth it, save yourself the money.

Interior ans Exterior Protection: This is usually a third party protection. Dealers try to sell it and event miss lead you what it covers just to make you buy it. IN my case I was told that it protect my leather seats from wear and tears but when i gat a small tear in my seat they dint want to fix it, because it is not covered. dont get it, its just wast of money.

Ask about engine oil and other services, if they need to be done at a dealer or they can be performed by a local mechanic; ask them if it would void the warranty. Also ask about oil type for your car. Most new cars accept synthetic oil which is good for 10,000-15,000 miles, dealers will still try to get you to change it every 5,000 but you can fight about that.
Ask about the new car perks when it comes to servicing like free car loaner, free car wash, free oil changes, free tire rotations.

Lastly negotiate the interest rate if it is not 0%. Most dealerships have there own Loan companies which allows them to give you exceptional rate. Toyota is one example, they have there own financial section. If Toyota is offering you 4.5% for 5 years, you can negotiate to at least 3.5% or lower even when your credit score is not perfect, if they don’t, walk away. If you got that far of the process of buying a car they will not let you go, if they do, next day they will most likely call you again and say that they found a lower interest rate for you or if not, they will offer to drop the price on the car to set the difference.

Know it before you buy

Know it before you buy

Most dealers can lower the price by at least $3000, most of the time $5000 of their price. Also look online to compare prices, most of the time someone out there will have it slightly lower, so what that it might be far away from you, to the dealer its competition.

Let’s say you want to buy a car, its priced at $32,000 if you go to the dealer and say I will pay you $27,000 right now, they will say they can’t do that. When you go to them and waste their time and start asking them about lowering the price, they will most likely lower it by $500-$1000. But that is just scratching the surface, negotiate more waist lots of their time, and they will lower it by at least $3000 and give you additional perks worth additional $2000.
This will probably waist your entire day, but on the other hand you are most likely not making over a $1,000 dollars a day.


Shop around. There are a lot of commercials stating that they compete with other dealers to make sure they have the lowest price. The truth is that dealers use the web tool to manipulate the the car price and to make sure all of them keep higher prices just so when the drop the price by $1000 you feel like you getting a bargain.

Going to bunch of dealerships and leaving your info is good idea. This shows them that you are serious buyer but the price is the key to win you over.

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Top 10 Best Tablet DAWs Available Right Now

Top 10 Best Tablet DAWs Available Right Now on Your IPhone, Galaxy, IPad And Tablets

music mixer

music mixer


Recording music is a passion that is becoming much easier to fulfill thanks to the advancement of mobile devices. The world has transitioned from needing a full recording studio to needing a tablet with a fairly fast processor and a decent chunk of memory to be successful. With the right tablet digital audio workstation, or DAW, a musician can literally record an entire album on their mobile device.


Here are the best mobile DAWs you can get right now.



If your preference is to create music on your iPhone, then this mobile DAW is the way to go. This app is designed to work best on the iPhone 5, but it works really well on later generations of the iPad as well. You can add multiple layers of sound to your synth tracks with this app and adjust the wave envelopes with one-touch ease thanks to the dials that let you work the attack, decay, sustain, and release right up front. The glide is realistic and you can change the bend range with a simple +/- command. You’re also going to love the pad interface.



The best part about using this DAW is the sequencer, which is streamlined to run on an iPad so that it mimics your typical laptop/desktop type of platform. You can mix the sounds you record easily and editing is a pretty simple task as well. There are over 70 virtual instruments that are loaded into the program and there some good audio effects, like their overdrive, that will help you tailor the sound. Your projects can even be opened in Cubase! It’s the piano keys integration I enjoy the most, however, because with a simple slide of the finger, the octave can get changed so chords are easy to create.


FL Studio

With over 100 instruments and access to over 220 more with in-app purchases, you can quickly import/export files with this mobile DAW. Although the piano roll is easy to use, the most useful part of this program is the drum sequencer that will let you quickly tap out a custom beat. For added fun, you can then transfer the beat into your desktop FL Studio or play it through your internal sound to record on another DAW for a custom sound.



For the beginning mobile musician who is looking for the classic Garageband/Logic type of experience, this is the tablet DAW for you to use. Sync up multiple tracks into one audio file, quickly master the audio with a full digital board, and create a professional result. Up to 48 tracks can be played simultaneously and it even works on the 1st generation of the iPad, although with 24 tracks. A floating point mixing engine and full MIDI support allow all of your custom tunes to be quickly recorded.



For Android platforms, TouchDAW has the ability to get a lot of your recording needs met. It’s the mixing that you can do with this program that sets it apart because you can make those minor sound adjustments to all of the track’s parameters like you would with a traditional DAW. There’s also good MIDI controllers with this program and best of all, the files you create on this platform will work in both Windows and iOS.



The mobile DAW version isn’t as useful as the Mac version, but it still has some highlights to it. You’ll be able to put some customization into your drums, record using custom software instruments directly in the app, and with the right USB/MIDI interface you can use your home synth or keyboard to record in the app with the Camera Connection Kit for the iPad. It directly uploads to Soundcloud or you can upload to the iCloud to finish working on the file.



This mobile DAW works on any O/S and offers full support of .wav files up to 32 bit. It’s got over 100 drum sounds and a few synths and effects, but the vocal recording abilities of this app is where it stands out. You can filter your voice with a number of options that will make most vocals sound natural even when using your phone or tablet’s microphone as the input. You can shape the waves of almost any audio file with a professional-style audio mastering option, but an easier to use interface would be helpful to make the most out of this DAW.


Korg Gadget

If synth is your thing and you want to start making tracks, then this app is one of the best to combine the two together. A helpful start-up guide will have you recording in just minutes, while the pro musician will like the fact that you can record 16 bars at a time instead of the standard 8. The sequencer is similar to what you’d find on Korg instruments too, which is nice because you can adjust multiple notes at the same time without having to change their overall pitch.



If sequencing is your strength, then this mobile DAW is what you’re going to want to use. With StepSlider, StepSwitch, and StepNote, you can quickly create custom sounds that sound like you spent hours tightening up. It’s also the closest mobile DAW app to its original desktop version, so transitioning to it is really easy. In many ways, this app feels like you’re using Ableton because you can easily change the parameters of the sounds you’ve created and plug in effects, like the Quick Chorus, to develop sounds that cover the entire Hz range instead of having to record multiple tracks like other DAW apps require.



This is a newer DAW to the market and it is a good app for those who like to make loops. You’ve 28 wave shapers that let you control the digital oscillations of your sound and 6 pads to help you further customize the sound. The drum machine has 15 sounds and there are 36 digital instruments within the app that will let you directly upload to Soundcloud or your preferred file transfer app.


Did your favorite mobile DAW get missed? Please feel free to share with us the apps you love to use to create music and a link to your

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Bring Back Black and White Photography With Any Basic Digital Camera

Black and White Photography  With Any Basic Digital Camera, DSLR Camera or even FIlm Camera

Black   white photography is still cool

Black white photography is still cool

Black and White Photography


Black and White Photography has been around for ages, some of the most iconic photographs in the world today aren’t anything more than a simple black and white image. There’s a lot of focus on how to digitally manipulate images so they stand out in the oversaturated world of today’s photography, but nothing stands out more than a quality black and white photography image. Nothing.


Now here’s the good news: you can create stunning black and white photography with any basic digital camera. The first step is to get into your menu settings to create a black and white file instead of a color file. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to utilize these tips to your advantage!


#1. Take Off All the Automatic Settings

This takes some practice, but operating on a manual mode in the front and the back end will produce the best images, especial when it comes to Black and White Photography. For macro-photography, look into your digital aperture settings for an enhanced digital zoom. The toughest part about this is getting the light right. That’s the benefit of the digital format, however, because you can tinker with your camera to get the light settings just right through your ISO and F-Stop. You can still get good images with auto settings, of course, but you’ll create stunning images when you go manual.


#2. Speaking of the ISO…

Black and white photography is difficult to get right from an ISO standpoint. You want to put some digital grain into the image, but you don’t want to put a lot into it because it creates an effect like the static snow on a blank over-the-air television channel. Keep your ISO as low as you can so that your image can be clearly perceptible instead of overwhelming the viewer of the image with the image noise a high ISO has produced.


Black & White Photography done by DSLR & photoshop

Black & White Photography done by DSLR & Photoshop

Black and White Photography

#3. Low Contrast Is Always Better

Black and white photography is about the subtlety of a contrast instead of the stark reality that a color image provides. When you’ve got a day that is gray, cloudy, and feels like rain, then you’ve got the perfect day for working on your art! That doesn’t mean you can’t take shots during a bright, sunny day, however, but it does mean that you’ve got to be more careful with your light settings. Incorporate shadows when you can, otherwise the higher light levels will create less subtlety in your image and you’ll end up with a result that is monotone.


Black & White Photography with female model

Black & White Photography with female model

Black and White Photography


#4. Do You Photoshop?

If you utilize a software program to manipulate your photographic images, then you may wish to actually shoot in a color format and then convert the image into black and white photography digitally. This will give you more control over the brightness and contrast of the image while letting you blend in some of the lighter spots that show up with ease.


Monochrome photo of a models face

Monochrome photo of a models face

#5. Retrain Your Eye

Color photos are about a mixture of different colors and contrasts. Black and white photography is more about tone and texture. The best images will have a variety of different shapes and tones to them so that the viewer has different points of interest. This will bring about a natural focus, create interest in the work, and give you a stunning result in the end.

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Top 5 Best Free Photo Manipulation Apps

wpid-screenshot_2014-06-15-12-41-07.pngTop 5 Best Free Photo Manipulation Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet

Taking a good shot is just the start of the process in today’s photography. Before you share your images on your preferred social network or start creating your own memes, you’ll want to perfect that shot you took with a variety of filters, enhancers, and beautifiers so the image can be stunning! You could pay hundreds of dollars per year for professional photo manipulation software… or you could utilize these free mobile apps to make the most out of your images.


#1. BeFunky

It’s the wide variety of options that make this free photo app so great. With the beautify function, you just have to touch one image to maximize the brightness, contrast, and color saturation of your image. You can also manually adjust these items, add in specific filters, and even create new focus points in a format that is incredibly easy to use and works across all platforms.


#2. FX Photo Studio

The sheer amount of filters that you get from this free app make it worth the download. You can quickly give any photograph a vintage look, add a little grunge to it like you had a high ISO setting on your camera, or just splash a little color into the image if you want. There are 194 different effects and filters to use AND you can add watermarks to your images to make sure they don’t get stolen from your account.


#3. Photo Invader

This free photo app is more for those who take portrait or landscape shots with their cameras and want to take advantage of the rainbows, unicorns, and cats that are so popular on the internet today! Add cutout images to photos, insert new dress and hair styles, or just completely invade an image with a wide variety of clipart that will give you the customized image you want.


#4. PopAGraph

Made with the iPhone in mind, this is one of the easiest apps to use when it comes to digitally manipulating specific focus points of an image. Image recognition technology will help you isolate specific subjects in the image and allow you to apply different filters to different focus points. You won’t get instant results with this app because of the level of digital manipulation you’re doing, but the work you put into each image won’t be in vain.


#5. PhotoToaster

If you want all the basics of what you’d find in an Adobe program, then this is the free photo app for you. Add depth to your image quickly by changing exposure and temperature settings. Automatic filters will help you compensate light settings and a number of different filters will let you add plenty of effects. You can also crop and rotate your image in a number of different formats, including the 4×3 ratio for personal prints if you want too.


What is your favorite free photo app that you use to make your images stand out? Share your favorites and links to your images with us today!

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Is Now the Time To Buy Older Apple Products?

older IPad vs. new Ipad

Older Ipad Products – Old Ipad Vs, New Ipad

Is Now the Time To Buy Older Apple Products?

 The quality of Apple’s technology is unquestionable. The problem for many people, however, is the cost of this technology. Not everyone can drop $899 for a computer or $399 for a new iPad that doesn’t even have 3G/4G technology equipped with it. Apple also has a quality reputation, which means even older apple product is going to have a strong resale value. Could now be the time to invest in an older piece of Apple technology? If you do, what do you sacrifice?


Let’s Take a Look At the Case of the Apple iPad

 Thanks to the efforts of my toddler and her glass of water, I was unexpectedly in the market for a new iPad not so long ago. I’d been one of those guys who waited in line to purchase the first ones when they hit the market, so it had been a pretty decent run. I was excited about getting the retina display on the 4th generation model, but then I realized if I bought the brand new iPad, I’d have to purchase a cord adaptor because of the new lightning connection.


So I took a breath, took a look at my options, and decided that the basic iPad 4 that was priced at $399 was the right choice to make. Apple told me it would take 2 weeks to send me the product, which was 2 weeks I didn’t have because I use my iPad for music production and had work that was due. So off to the store I went… where they were going to charge me an extra $150 for the exact same product.

That wasn’t going to happen. I needed options and fast.

What About Going With an Apple iPad 2?

As much as I’d love to say that I had the new iPad 4 with the A6X processor and the 4G LTE service, I knew this purchase didn’t make sense for me. Here were my reasons:

  • There is no 4G LTE service where I live out in the country.
  • I really had no use for Siri because I run videos and music software from my iPad when I’m not streaming music or baseball games.
  • I already had a bunch of MIDI connectors that wouldn’t work with the 30 pin to lightning adaptor, which meant having to purchase new cords.

And so, as the fates would have it, the store was running a sale on the iPad 2 that day, making it cheaper than what I could pick up a refurbished iPad 3 for and it was new out of the box. That’s the decision I made and it’s been a good one! I was back in business immediately and I’ve got no complaints.

So what did I sacrifice by going with an iPad 2? First there’s the lower overall graphics level, but from a real-user standpoint it’s not that much and barely noticable. I get HD baseball broadcasts that look as good as on my PC and I can send them to my TV through my Google Chromecast. Netflix and Hulu don’t have the upgraded playback capability anyway, so those movies on the iPad 4 look almost the same as they do on the iPad 2. That’s really no sacrifice!

The one true sacrifice, therefore is speed. The iPad 4 is cranked up and twice as fast as the iPad 3… which is faster than my new iPad 2. On the other hand, I got my new iPad for less than $300 and that’s a price that is nice – especially when you’ve got a toddler who likes to throw water on things and touch every gadget that i own. It may be an older piece of Apple technology, but the price was right, it is the 30 pin adaptor which works with everything I have, and it does what I need it to do. Maybe it’s time for you to buy older Apple products too.

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eBay Hacked – 145 Million Users At Risk

eBay website Security Compromised

EBAY Security Compromised

eBay Online Auction Website Hacked – 145 Million Users At Risk, What happened to eBay security?

Popular across the world, eBay users expect a certain level of privacy and security when shopping or selling on this site. Recently, however, users were taken by surprise when it was revealed that hackers got into customers data and put a lot of people at risk. While the executives at eBay do not think that anyone is at risk, there is no saying, at this point at least, what the damage could have been or was done. They are currently updating their security systems and trying to make sure that this does not happen again, though they are not taking steps to compensate any users for this breach.

Users were disappointed by eBay to find out that there information was taken by hackers, yet they were not informed of the attack till two weeks after news of the attack surfaced. Two weeks after eBay had asked users to reset the password to prevent stolen data from being used. Till this day eBay has failed to properly inform users of what data was taken and if any of it was used or has potential to be used. Current users have reset their passwords but there are sill millions of users that are not regularly active and have not changed there password

Around 120 million active users and additionally millions non-active  are on eBay. All of these people use this site to purchase or sell goods, and many have their information available on their profiles. The hackers were able to access all of this. They did this by using information of three employees, which gave them access to eBay and allowed them to find their way to user data. This was discovered in early May, but there was no word on the incident until very recently, when it was realized that there had been movement to the user data. Afterwards, emails were sent out to users to notify them of what had happened and to urge them to change their passwords immediately.

There is a big reaction to this, and numerous individuals wanting eBay to compensate users because of this breach. A few states are currently investigating eBay and there is the desire of credit monitoring services offered to users. People want eBay to offer some type of apology in the form of a service to make sure that users have peace of mind. Many are worried, and waited quite a while to receive their notice, so the response is to be expected. Executives with eBay, however, are not offering any type of compensation or service to their users.

The reason for this is the fact that eBay does not see this affecting users. While there was the initial fear that it might, there have been no signs that it has. EBay has stated that there are no signs of harm to users, but that does not mean that everyone is safe. Since this is still a rather recent event, nothing may happen for a while. Until then, eBay is working to improve its security so that there is a lower chance of someone getting in again.

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PayPal Here Vs. Square Credit Card Reader

Paypal Here and Square Credit Card Swipe

Paypal Here and Square Credit Card Swipe

PayPal Here Vs. Square Credit Card Reader – Two Major Players in Mobile Credit Card processing.

Now anyone can accept credit cards using their mobile device or their tablet.Technology sure have taken a step to make are live easier, more affordable and more accessible. Both companies offer similar service in accepting credit cards on the go, so what makes them better than the other

I personally use PayPal Here only because I have a PayPal account since it started and joined eBay. When my Business grew PayPal Here allowed me to start accepting Credit Cards from customer. For some reason it is the most preferred way to pay by the customer. I personally always prefer cash or checks just because there is no transaction fee. But accepting Credit Cards has a positive side.



Supported Devices: iPhone/iPad, Android

Sturtup Cost: Free

Available in: United States and Canada (PayPal here): also in Hong Kong, Australia

Accept internationaly: PayPal Only – 2.7% per swipe plus 1% cross-border fee.

wpid-screenshot_2014-06-02-01-14-21.pngSo how does it work?

First of all you need a Smart Phone like IPhone or Galaxy.

Once you completed a service or sale you would connect the Credit Card Swipe (Paypal Here or Square) to your phone by inserting it in to the Headphone jack. Then you would Lunch the App provided by PayPal or Square. You would enter information such us what are you charging for and the amount. Then you would ask for a credit card and swipe it. A signature box will appear on the screen. This is where customer with sigh just like you would at a store when you purchase something with a Credit Card, Click done and then it will ask you were do you want to send the receipt. You can sent it to the printer if your phone is connected to one, Email address or you can click on no receipt.

If you chose to Email the receipt, the customer would receive full detailed email that he made a payment. Information would include exact location, (even with a address and a map) Purchase price, Date and for what for as well as who he/she made a payment too.

With paypal the funds are available to you instantly in your PayPal account. With Square 2 days later.




  • You can accept credit cards as payment, Sometimes Customer just does not have the cash on hand and writing a check takes time.
  • Using a Credit Card processing service like Paypal Here or Square saves you time when its time to file your taxes because all the transaction are documented.
  • It is Small
  • Easy to use
  • Gives your customers flexibility
  • Almost anyone can have one
  • Its free to setup
  • Its free to own



  • Credit Card Processing Fees.
  • PayPal Here has 2.7% fee for swiped Credit Cards and 3.5%+$0.15 for manually entered credit cards. Square had lower rates in the past but currently its 2.75% for swiped Credit Cards and 3.5%+$0.15 for manually entered credit cards.
  • You also need a smart phone with internet access, or a tablet with internet connection.
  • You are suggested to use Smartphone or tablet pen, helps customer to sign their name instead of using their finger.
  • Does not guarantee a payment. Customer can always block a payment at a later time.


Paypal Here came on top for us for two major reasons. Paypal Here has slightly lower fees that add up over time and Live Customer service. This is one company that you can get a live person fast comparing to some other companies. Over all it is a great tool to have and use when needed. Because of the high fees you may not want to use it all the time. Cash is King and still the most preferred form of payment. When cash is not available the Credit Cards reader comes in and saves the day.

If you provide service on the go or even sell on the go than this Portable credit card swipe is for you. It is also the best choice if you only do few credit card transactions a month. If you do you transaction in a same location such as store or office and you accept a lot of credit cards then there are better options for a fixed Credit Card terminal that offers lower Transaction fees. For everyone ales it’s a must have.

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