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Top 5 Best Free Photo Manipulation Apps

wpid-screenshot_2014-06-15-12-41-07.pngTop 5 Best Free Photo Manipulation Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet

Taking a good shot is just the start of the process in today’s photography. Before you share your images on your preferred social network or start creating your own memes, you’ll want to perfect that shot you took with a variety of filters, enhancers, and beautifiers so the image can be stunning! You could pay hundreds of dollars per year for professional photo manipulation software… or you could utilize these free mobile apps to make the most out of your images.


#1. BeFunky

It’s the wide variety of options that make this free photo app so great. With the beautify function, you just have to touch one image to maximize the brightness, contrast, and color saturation of your image. You can also manually adjust these items, add in specific filters, and even create new focus points in a format that is incredibly easy to use and works across all platforms.


#2. FX Photo Studio

The sheer amount of filters that you get from this free app make it worth the download. You can quickly give any photograph a vintage look, add a little grunge to it like you had a high ISO setting on your camera, or just splash a little color into the image if you want. There are 194 different effects and filters to use AND you can add watermarks to your images to make sure they don’t get stolen from your account.


#3. Photo Invader

This free photo app is more for those who take portrait or landscape shots with their cameras and want to take advantage of the rainbows, unicorns, and cats that are so popular on the internet today! Add cutout images to photos, insert new dress and hair styles, or just completely invade an image with a wide variety of clipart that will give you the customized image you want.


#4. PopAGraph

Made with the iPhone in mind, this is one of the easiest apps to use when it comes to digitally manipulating specific focus points of an image. Image recognition technology will help you isolate specific subjects in the image and allow you to apply different filters to different focus points. You won’t get instant results with this app because of the level of digital manipulation you’re doing, but the work you put into each image won’t be in vain.


#5. PhotoToaster

If you want all the basics of what you’d find in an Adobe program, then this is the free photo app for you. Add depth to your image quickly by changing exposure and temperature settings. Automatic filters will help you compensate light settings and a number of different filters will let you add plenty of effects. You can also crop and rotate your image in a number of different formats, including the 4×3 ratio for personal prints if you want too.


What is your favorite free photo app that you use to make your images stand out? Share your favorites and links to your images with us today!

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Is Now the Time To Buy Older Apple Products?

older IPad vs. new Ipad

Older Ipad Products – Old Ipad Vs, New Ipad

Is Now the Time To Buy Older Apple Products?

 The quality of Apple’s technology is unquestionable. The problem for many people, however, is the cost of this technology. Not everyone can drop $899 for a computer or $399 for a new iPad that doesn’t even have 3G/4G technology equipped with it. Apple also has a quality reputation, which means even older apple product is going to have a strong resale value. Could now be the time to invest in an older piece of Apple technology? If you do, what do you sacrifice?


Let’s Take a Look At the Case of the Apple iPad

 Thanks to the efforts of my toddler and her glass of water, I was unexpectedly in the market for a new iPad not so long ago. I’d been one of those guys who waited in line to purchase the first ones when they hit the market, so it had been a pretty decent run. I was excited about getting the retina display on the 4th generation model, but then I realized if I bought the brand new iPad, I’d have to purchase a cord adaptor because of the new lightning connection.


So I took a breath, took a look at my options, and decided that the basic iPad 4 that was priced at $399 was the right choice to make. Apple told me it would take 2 weeks to send me the product, which was 2 weeks I didn’t have because I use my iPad for music production and had work that was due. So off to the store I went… where they were going to charge me an extra $150 for the exact same product.

That wasn’t going to happen. I needed options and fast.

What About Going With an Apple iPad 2?

As much as I’d love to say that I had the new iPad 4 with the A6X processor and the 4G LTE service, I knew this purchase didn’t make sense for me. Here were my reasons:

  • There is no 4G LTE service where I live out in the country.
  • I really had no use for Siri because I run videos and music software from my iPad when I’m not streaming music or baseball games.
  • I already had a bunch of MIDI connectors that wouldn’t work with the 30 pin to lightning adaptor, which meant having to purchase new cords.

And so, as the fates would have it, the store was running a sale on the iPad 2 that day, making it cheaper than what I could pick up a refurbished iPad 3 for and it was new out of the box. That’s the decision I made and it’s been a good one! I was back in business immediately and I’ve got no complaints.

So what did I sacrifice by going with an iPad 2? First there’s the lower overall graphics level, but from a real-user standpoint it’s not that much and barely noticable. I get HD baseball broadcasts that look as good as on my PC and I can send them to my TV through my Google Chromecast. Netflix and Hulu don’t have the upgraded playback capability anyway, so those movies on the iPad 4 look almost the same as they do on the iPad 2. That’s really no sacrifice!

The one true sacrifice, therefore is speed. The iPad 4 is cranked up and twice as fast as the iPad 3… which is faster than my new iPad 2. On the other hand, I got my new iPad for less than $300 and that’s a price that is nice – especially when you’ve got a toddler who likes to throw water on things and touch every gadget that i own. It may be an older piece of Apple technology, but the price was right, it is the 30 pin adaptor which works with everything I have, and it does what I need it to do. Maybe it’s time for you to buy older Apple products too.

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eBay Hacked – 145 Million Users At Risk

eBay website Security Compromised

EBAY Security Compromised

eBay Online Auction Website Hacked – 145 Million Users At Risk, What happened to eBay security?

Popular across the world, eBay users expect a certain level of privacy and security when shopping or selling on this site. Recently, however, users were taken by surprise when it was revealed that hackers got into customers data and put a lot of people at risk. While the executives at eBay do not think that anyone is at risk, there is no saying, at this point at least, what the damage could have been or was done. They are currently updating their security systems and trying to make sure that this does not happen again, though they are not taking steps to compensate any users for this breach.

Users were disappointed by eBay to find out that there information was taken by hackers, yet they were not informed of the attack till two weeks after news of the attack surfaced. Two weeks after eBay had asked users to reset the password to prevent stolen data from being used. Till this day eBay has failed to properly inform users of what data was taken and if any of it was used or has potential to be used. Current users have reset their passwords but there are sill millions of users that are not regularly active and have not changed there password

Around 120 million active users and additionally millions non-active  are on eBay. All of these people use this site to purchase or sell goods, and many have their information available on their profiles. The hackers were able to access all of this. They did this by using information of three employees, which gave them access to eBay and allowed them to find their way to user data. This was discovered in early May, but there was no word on the incident until very recently, when it was realized that there had been movement to the user data. Afterwards, emails were sent out to users to notify them of what had happened and to urge them to change their passwords immediately.

There is a big reaction to this, and numerous individuals wanting eBay to compensate users because of this breach. A few states are currently investigating eBay and there is the desire of credit monitoring services offered to users. People want eBay to offer some type of apology in the form of a service to make sure that users have peace of mind. Many are worried, and waited quite a while to receive their notice, so the response is to be expected. Executives with eBay, however, are not offering any type of compensation or service to their users.

The reason for this is the fact that eBay does not see this affecting users. While there was the initial fear that it might, there have been no signs that it has. EBay has stated that there are no signs of harm to users, but that does not mean that everyone is safe. Since this is still a rather recent event, nothing may happen for a while. Until then, eBay is working to improve its security so that there is a lower chance of someone getting in again.

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PayPal Here Vs. Square Credit Card Reader

Paypal Here and Square Credit Card Swipe

Paypal Here and Square Credit Card Swipe

PayPal Here Vs. Square Credit Card Reader – Two Major Players in Mobile Credit Card processing.

Now anyone can accept credit cards using their mobile device or their tablet.Technology sure have taken a step to make are live easier, more affordable and more accessible. Both companies offer similar service in accepting credit cards on the go, so what makes them better than the other

I personally use PayPal Here only because I have a PayPal account since it started and joined eBay. When my Business grew PayPal Here allowed me to start accepting Credit Cards from customer. For some reason it is the most preferred way to pay by the customer. I personally always prefer cash or checks just because there is no transaction fee. But accepting Credit Cards has a positive side.



Supported Devices: iPhone/iPad, Android

Sturtup Cost: Free

Available in: United States and Canada (PayPal here): also in Hong Kong, Australia

Accept internationaly: PayPal Only – 2.7% per swipe plus 1% cross-border fee.

wpid-screenshot_2014-06-02-01-14-21.pngSo how does it work?

First of all you need a Smart Phone like IPhone or Galaxy.

Once you completed a service or sale you would connect the Credit Card Swipe (Paypal Here or Square) to your phone by inserting it in to the Headphone jack. Then you would Lunch the App provided by PayPal or Square. You would enter information such us what are you charging for and the amount. Then you would ask for a credit card and swipe it. A signature box will appear on the screen. This is where customer with sigh just like you would at a store when you purchase something with a Credit Card, Click done and then it will ask you were do you want to send the receipt. You can sent it to the printer if your phone is connected to one, Email address or you can click on no receipt.

If you chose to Email the receipt, the customer would receive full detailed email that he made a payment. Information would include exact location, (even with a address and a map) Purchase price, Date and for what for as well as who he/she made a payment too.

With paypal the funds are available to you instantly in your PayPal account. With Square 2 days later.




  • You can accept credit cards as payment, Sometimes Customer just does not have the cash on hand and writing a check takes time.
  • Using a Credit Card processing service like Paypal Here or Square saves you time when its time to file your taxes because all the transaction are documented.
  • It is Small
  • Easy to use
  • Gives your customers flexibility
  • Almost anyone can have one
  • Its free to setup
  • Its free to own



  • Credit Card Processing Fees.
  • PayPal Here has 2.7% fee for swiped Credit Cards and 3.5%+$0.15 for manually entered credit cards. Square had lower rates in the past but currently its 2.75% for swiped Credit Cards and 3.5%+$0.15 for manually entered credit cards.
  • You also need a smart phone with internet access, or a tablet with internet connection.
  • You are suggested to use Smartphone or tablet pen, helps customer to sign their name instead of using their finger.
  • Does not guarantee a payment. Customer can always block a payment at a later time.


Paypal Here came on top for us for two major reasons. Paypal Here has slightly lower fees that add up over time and Live Customer service. This is one company that you can get a live person fast comparing to some other companies. Over all it is a great tool to have and use when needed. Because of the high fees you may not want to use it all the time. Cash is King and still the most preferred form of payment. When cash is not available the Credit Cards reader comes in and saves the day.

If you provide service on the go or even sell on the go than this Portable credit card swipe is for you. It is also the best choice if you only do few credit card transactions a month. If you do you transaction in a same location such as store or office and you accept a lot of credit cards then there are better options for a fixed Credit Card terminal that offers lower Transaction fees. For everyone ales it’s a must have.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 IPad & Laptop Killer

surface pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 IPad & Laptop Killer Pre Order Now! Available June 20

We are extremely impressed with Microsoft Surface Pro 3, The hardware in this New Tablet is just amazing. Surface Pro 3 has a 12” ClearType Full HD screen with 2160 x 1440 resolution.

Apple will have hard time to compete with a tablet that now can do everything.

The Surface Pro 3 Runs On Full Windows 8.1 Pro so there are no more restrictions on what apps or programs you can and cannot run. This tablet has everything we wanted, from power to full OS, Connectivity to Sharing. Now we will need to finds things that will not run on Surface Pro3.

Battery life is up to 9 hours which is lower than we would like but it is still impressive considering the hardware that it is powering,

There are multiple versions available.


Teckbay.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.


Device type: Tablet

OS: Windows (8.1 Pro)

Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.93 x 0.36 inches (292 x 201 x 9 mm)

Weight: 28.16 oz (798 g) the average is 16.6 oz (473 g)

Body material: Metal

Tablet dock: Yes

Features: USB


Physical size: 12.0 inches

Resolution: 2160 x 1440 pixels

Pixel density: 216 ppi

Technology: LCD

Touchscreen: Multi-touch

Features: Light sensor


Camera: 5 megapixels

Camcorder: 1920×1080 (1080p HD)

Front-facing camera: 5 megapixels


System chip: Intel Core i3, i5 and i7

Graphics processor: Intel HD Graphics

System memory: 4-8GB RAM

Built-in storage: 64GB-512 GB Storage

Storage expansion: microSD, microSDHC


Speakers: Stereo speakers


Bluetooth: 4.0

Wi-Fi: 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac

USB: USB 3.0

Connector: Full-size USB

Features: USB Host


Additional microphone/s: Yes

Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope

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Top 5 ways to Make Money Online: Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme


Make money online fast

Top 5 ways to Make Money Online: Not a get Rich Quick Scheme

The ideas on how to make money online listed below are ideas I have used to make money online. All of them require work and some of them you may need to spend little money. But all of them can be started with just $50 or less. All of them require that you put in work in and the money you make depends how much you will be dedicated to it. If you are looking to make money working from home without real work, then you are in the wrong place.

  • Make Money Selling on eBay

This is my top way to make money online. The amount you make is really how much work you are willing to do. If you have something to sell than you are in luck. If you don’t you can always buy something and sell it for profit. You can buy something from a flea market, yard sale, or even some auctions. Buying from store to resell is not the best idea because a lot of items can be purchased cheaper on eBay that in a store, even with a sale.

Starting off is little hard because you need to build reputation first before bidders will bid higher on your items. With time as you learn more about eBay and how to squeeze every penny from a transaction to make most money. Little practice and you will make money in no time. I am currently working on a video to help sellers maximize profits from each sale.How to sell on ebay

  • Make Money Selling on Craigslist

This is probably the most profitable website when it comes to selling something. Because you are selling directly to the buyer r and there are is no shipping or any fees that you need to pay. This is defiantly the cheapest way to make money.

There are however few drawback. You need to have time to meet with the buyer. Craigslist has a lot of spammers so you need to create a email that you will dedicated to craigslist as chances are you will be flooded  with spammers. But besides that its not a bad way to make few buck here and there,

  • Make Money from YouTube Videos

Making videos for YouTube and monetize them to make money from viewers.

This required that you have been approved by Google Adsence to make money.

If you at least have couple videos with lots of view that there is a chance that you can get approved. This does not make you a lot of money but if you create a lot of videos that do get popular you can make money and pay for you beers or gas.

  • Make Money from a Blog website.

There is a lot of websites that try to tell you that you can make thousands from blog websites.

Well the truth is you can, but chances that you will actually make a lot are about .0003%. Unfortunately there a millions of bloggers out there and a lot of them are really good so there is a lot of competition and as it is with all websites this takes time and lots of it. To make any real money you will need to at least write one blog a week for about 2 years to start seeing gas money. A lot of people get into blogging but they usually give up after few month when they realize that they have worked hard to see that the made $10 in six months of work. It can take up to 5 years before you actually see any real money but there is always a chance that somehow your blogs become popular and you will make money .

  • Make Money Selling photos online (royalty free images stock)

One way to sell photos online is to sell to Micro stock websites. I am sure you hard about it on the news how someone started to sell photos online and making money from home. Well its not that easy. At one point those website accepted anyone and any photo that someone was willing to upload. Now the companies are very picky on quality and content, so if you are a photographer the you might do ok, maybe make gas money. If you are not then you will see that you will put in a lot of work and the reward might be extremely small.

I personally don’t make much money from Stock photos, but I have friends that make around $100-$200 a month form it.


Selling on EBay and craigslist  is probably the best way to make money but you need to be careful as sometime you can lose money on something you sell and there is always the fact that even if you sell something for $50 you are not really making $50. You need to account that you may need to spend money on shipping and pay selling fees unless you are selling.

Remember you want to Make Money, Not Loose Money



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Apple to release IPhone 6 Bigger Screen This August

iphone6 2014 -1Apple to release IPhone 6 Bigger Screen This August  and another in September 2014

Sources Suggest that the Next IPhone 6 Will come in two Sizes, 4.7 inch model that will be release early in  August and a second model with 5.5 inch screen to be released in September. Apple is trying to compete with Samsung after their success with Galaxy’s Bigger Screen.

See Previous Post of what to Expect from I phone 6 This year.

The New IPhone 6 – Rumors, What to Expect This Fall 2014

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Microsoft Internet Explorer Serious Bug Leaves Browsers Open to Hackers


Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver. 6-11 Serious Bug Leaves Browsers Open to Hackers

UPDATE: 05/01/2014

[notice]PCMAG Reports that Microsoft has fixed the bug in Internet Explorer, Ever for Windows XP users[/notice]

FireEye has discovered early this week that almost all Version of IE (Internet explorer) Version 6 to 11 have a major bug that enables hackers to redirect websites, run malicious software on the user’s computers and even take control to some extent.
Users can run alternative web browsers until Microsoft is able to fix the problem
Microsoft is investigating the issue and for now suggests that users make sure that there Anti-Virus is running properly and take extra cautions when visiting unknown websites, also recommend disabling the Adobe Flash plug-in for now. Microsoft may release fix throe their Windows Security Update feature in Windows, Internet Explorer Update or a Patch will be available to download from Microsoft website.
For Details regarding the IE flaw you can visit FireEye  post which provides detail that FireEye has discovered.
Unfortunately for users that still run the most popular Windows XP, they will not see a fix for their Internet Explorer Version 8 because Microsoft has dropped support for Win XP last month. The only options XP user have is Switching to alternative browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox . Both are free web browsers available for download.

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Heartbleed crisis set donations is motion to fix future problems

Heartbleed crisis set donations is motion to fix future problems with OpenSSL

ock icon, signifying an encrypted Internet connection, is seen on an Chrome Browseer

ock icon, signifying an encrypted Internet connection, is seen on an Chrome Browser Copyright Teckdriven, LLC 2014

The Heartbleet security patch has been released and applied to most systems and firewalls. But now big Companies are stepping up to help out OpenSSL. OpenSSL is an open source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols. The group of volunteers developers maintain Open SSL admitted that they receive on average $2,000 a year in donation to help out this project. Now that the Heartblled effected so many secure systems, big companies are stepping up by donating millions of dollars to the group to help maintain the open-source code.
The companies that contributed to this cause are Dell, Fujitsu Ltd NetApp Inc, Rackspace Hosting Inc, VMware Inc., Amazon.com Inc, Cisco Systems Inc, Facebook Inc, Google Inc, IBM, Intel Corp and Microsoft Corp.
Now that the openSSL has more founds the Code should be more secure and less vulnerable to future security breaches and attacks. As many of developers and programmers would like to continue to use open source OpenSSL which is correctly free to use.

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New Galaxy S5 Box Content Photos

For full specs Click Here


Samsung Galaxy S5 Box

Samsung Galaxy S5 Box

Samsung Galaxy S5 Box - Back

Samsung Galaxy S5 Box – Back

Samsung Galaxy S5 BoxIMG_2878Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S5IMG_2883IMG_2884

Galaxy S5 USB Cable, Headphoens and AC Adapter

Galaxy S5 USB Cable, Headphoens and AC Adapter


USB 3.0 Cable

USB 3.0 Cable

USB 3.0 Cable

USB 3.0 Cable

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