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How To Cash Out 401(k) – To Pay Off Dept

Nest Egg

Nest Egg

How To Cash Out 401K – To Pay Off Dept, Need money to pay off Credit Cards?

Here are few things you need to know about your 401K

First of all you hear a lot of people telling you not to touch your nest egg. If you do you will have nothing for your retirement.  Well I am here to tell you otherwise and explain why and how to do it. The people that tell you not to touch your 401K plan do not have debt so they are not in your situation. In normal case you don’t want to touch your 401k Plan so that you can have nice retirement plan. If you are in situation that you have credit card dept or any other dept that is subject to interest rate than that should be  #1 Priority!!!  You will pay a lot more in interest than your retirement nest egg will ever grow.

The Truth is that it’s hard to cash out you 401K plan or in most cases impossible. There are however other options that are available that may or may not work for you. Before I get to your alternative options, below you will find a list of exceptions that government has created. If your 401k balance is less than $1000 you can  check with your 401k administrator if you can just cash it out. otherwise keep on reading.

You should also be aware that Uncle Sam will take large chunk because your contributions were Pre-Taxed. Remember that your 401K is not Tax Free; it is simply tax-deferred. That means that if you have currently contributed with pre-tax funds you will have to pay taxes once you start taking distribution.  To Give you idea on how much it will cost you to get your money back a created a example. Those numbers are only estimate to give is sense of what you are looking at, If you take a $20,000 hardship withdrawal to pay for your child’s college tuition, you will owe $6,000 in federal income taxes,$1,500 in State Taxes and an additional $2,000 to cover the early withdrawal penalty. You’ll be left with around $10,500 after Taxes. It might be little less or maybe little more depending on your state tax % rate.

Congress made provisions in the 401k rules to allow plan withdrawals in a limited number of hardship situations. These include:

  • Un-reimbursed medical expenses for you, your spouse, or      dependents.
  • Purchase of an employee’s principal residence.
  • Payment of college tuition and related educational costs      such as room and board for the next 12 months for you, your spouse,      dependents, or children who are no longer dependents.
  • Payments necessary to prevent eviction of you from your      home, or foreclosure on the mortgage of your principal residence.
  • For funeral expenses.
  • Certain expenses for the repair of damage to the      employee’s principal residence.

You may qualify to take a penalty-free withdrawal if you meet one of the following exceptions:

  • You become totally disabled.
  • You are in debt for medical expenses that exceed 7.5      percent of your adjusted gross income.
  • You are required by court order to give the money to      your divorced spouse, a child, or a dependent.
  • You are separated from service (through permanent      layoff, termination, quitting or taking early retirement) in the year you      turn 55, or later.
  • You are separated from service and you have set-up a      payment schedule to withdraw money in substantially equal amounts over the      course of your life expectancy. (Once you begin taking this kind of      distribution you are required to continue for five years or until you      reach age 59 1/2, whichever is longer.)

IF you don’t meet any requirements above here are options you may have in getting money from your 401K plan:

  1. 1.     The first and best option is to take a loan against you 401k Plan

This should best option and also your last resort as well. Most 401k plans set up by your employer will allow you to take a loan from you 401k account with low interest and best off all you will be paying yourself off. The only catch it that only 50% of your total accounts balance can be used for a loan. Your employer or your 401k plan administrator will set up payment plan usually directly subtracting from your pay check. To get this process started contact your employer or human resources so that they can get your paper work started. In most cases you will have a paycheck within 2 weeks.

  1. 2.     If you are close to your employer you can ask them to fire you and then rehire you.

This options only works if you are in good terms with your employer. You don’t want to be stuck unemployed if your employer decides not to re-hire you. When you are no longer employed you are allowed to transfer your founds to a new 401k plan or IRA. Just contact company like fidelity and they will help you transfer the funds to IRA and you be able to take cash out.

  1. 3.     Quit – Quitting your job to cash out your 401k is the worst option and I would strongly advise not to do it.

Quitting is the worst option but it’s a option. This process will let you transfer you Nest egg to IRA account but then you will be unemployed, with no income. So please don’t do it.

Besides those limited few options you have no other choices. The government created 401K so that you would not have to survive on social security once you reach your retirement age. What the government forgot to mention that you will be probably paying higher taxes in the future on your 401k distribution. That is why stop investing in your 401k and start investing in your self so that you would be Debt Free. Trust me nothing will feel better than being debt free person.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to let me know and I will try my best to get your questions or concerns answered

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eBay Store Over a Regular Sellers Account Advantages

eBay store

eBay Store Advantages

Advantages of having a eBay Store over a regular sellers account – Which One Is Right For you

For those that don’t know, eBay is one of the biggest consumer to consumer online auction and shopping site in the world. eBay is open to almost anyone that wants to buy something new or used and anyone who wants to sell something new or used. The limitations are endless, with few exceptions. The only requirement for a buyer is to have a physical shipping address and a credit card or PayPal account. For sellers there is only three more additional requirements and that is product, paypal account and a credit card linked to eBay for billing..  Its up to the sellers discretion if the product he or she is selling is new, used, working or not.

Startup sellers are only allowed to list items in a Action format with Buy it Now option. They are subject to 10% fee from item final price and shipping and handling cost collected and 2.9% + $0.30 of the total amount received by the seller. At first glance this does not seem to be a lot but it is. One item sold on eBay comes to 13% deduction. This means if you sold something for $50 you will only end up with $43.50. This is not bad if the item you sold had no value to you or you got it for free. If you had to purchase that item for resale than 13% is usually your income percentage from a item.

There are millions of sellers and buyers on eBay so the competition is stiff. It is easy to make profit if you are trying to sell something you no longer need or you got something for free. But if you are trying to make a living of eBay than its another ball game. eBay however made some progress to help volume sellers  by reducing sellers fees and giving them more option in selling.

IF you have been selling for a while and you managed to sell over one hundred items which generated over $1,000 in sales in one year that eBay has given you a option to open a eBay store.  The store is intended for volume sales and by doing that you are eligible for a slightly lower sales fee rate. To open a eBay store is not free. The basic store starts from $19.95 per month all the way to $199.95 per month, and they each have their own requirements. By opening your own eBay store you are able to reduce final sale fee that’s normally 10% to lower rate that varies from 4%-9% depending on what type of item you are selling.

If you sell few items per month than a store is not for you. If you have a huge inventory then eBay store might be for you. Because it cost $19.95 per month to have a store means that you have to make more profit in order to offset  the $19.95 fee from the 2%-6% in savings that you will get from having a store front.  At the same time you will get few perks options that a normal seller will not have.

eBay Store Perks:

  • Lower final value fee
  • Listing more items for free (basic 150, Premium 500 and Anchor 2,500)
  • Listing item once till it sells at fixed price (good-till –canceled)
  • Impression that you are a professional seller.
  • Offer SALE just like you would see in a store or a major site (20% OFF)

It is advised that in order to make your eBay store profitable you will need to have at least 50 items listed on eBay at all times and selling a at least 15 items per month with 15% profit margin in order to take advantage of the lower rates.  If you don’t have that kind of inventory and are selling less then you would probably be better off with a regular account.  Most importantly you need to make sure you have good feedback rating as this can lower your profit dramatically. IF you think that you can handle larger volume you can try Basic store to see if it is right for you.

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Norton Mobile Security Review 2014


The rapid expansion of mobile and telecom industry and the software boom during the recent years has paved way for an even bigger issue: mobile security threats. Fortunately, this problem was immediately foreseen and tackled effectively. Norton Security Services was launched with the intention of protecting your mobile phones from the viruses and malicious malwares that are rampant around the globe and are threatening the security of your devices. Norton Security Services is, now, the most renowned and reputable company known to provide antivirus and security services.

Before you take the big step of choosing Norton Security Services for your mobile phones, let us take an overview of its features.


  • Regular scanning of your mobile phone for potential threats removes all sorts of bugs and viruses that may gain access to your mobile.
  • Auto scanning option causes in-depth probing every time that an app is installed or the memory/SD card is inserted, keeping your device safe and sound.
  • In case your mobile phone gets stolen or is lost, you can gain access to your mobile remotely via your online account and can lock your set in addition to wiping all your data to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.
  • A flash message can also be remotely activated to appear across your mobile phone screen so you’re your mobile can be returned to you if found by someone else.
  • “Scream alarm” can also be activated to alert the people in the vicinity of your lost cell phone of its location. This feature works even if your cell phone has been set to “silent”.
  • Unwanted messages and calls can be filtered and blocked.
  • You can back up your data on the cloud to be recovered in case it is accidentally lost.
  • The software does not hinder the normal functioning of the mobile and multiple tasks can be carried out side by side while your mobile phone is being scanned for bugs.
  • The Sneak Peek feature activates the front camera and captures the picture of the thief which can go a long way in device recovery process.


  • The app does not support all the mobile devices. Only android 2.2 and above versions are compatible with it.
  • Lack of PIN code security for restoration of factory settings can take just a misguided moment to wipe your mobile clean of all data.


Due to its high rating, Norton Security Services is an outstanding app for mobile security. With just a few minor glitches, it has all the enhanced security features and can be used comfortably for keeping guard over your mobile phones.


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Investing too early In Your Retirement 401K or IRA a Bad Idea

retirement-for-the-future 401K now and your 401K later

retirement-for-the-future 401K now and your 401K later

Investing to Early or for Wrong Reasons can Hurt your Future

Everywhere you turn you will see advertizing from investment firms telling you to invest in your retirement. The biggest retirement accounts are 401(k) and IRA that allow you to save money for your future retirement. 401k retirement plan is around for a while now but there are still a lot of people that contribute to the IRA or 401k without understanding it. Most people save for their retirement because there co-worker, neighbor even friend is.

First you need to understand how those account work. IRA is slight different than a 401k but they have the same purpose, to some for your retirement. You can contribute to you retirement account as often as you would like, and as much contribution as you wish. Most of the time it is a percentage from your paycheck and the amount is taken pre-tax so that only the reaming amount that you take home is taxed. What a lot folks don’t realize that 401k contribution is pre-taxed and not Tax-Free. Once your account matures when you turn 65 years old you will start getting a paycheck on a weekly or monthly basis and its usually same amount as you getting from you job. The only thing is that you need to know that the paycheck will look like you work paycheck, meaning it will be taxed. Yes you have to pay taxes on your 401k and your IRA unless your contributions were taxed prior.

Most retirement plans will not allow you to just withdrawal the whole amount when you reach retirement age, you will only be allowed to get a normal paycheck as you did before. So the plan to spend a month in the Caribbean’s just went out the window, purchasing that dream house in full is not going to happen. You need to realize that you will be almost 70 years old and not 30, 40, 50 or 60. You already know that you cannot do the things that you did when you were in your twenties so what makes you thing that you will be able to do the same when you turn 70. The only thing that you will be spending your money will be on doctors and medication, unless you take care of yourself to stay healthy than you might be able to go on few trips with friends to play some golf.

The biggest mistake people make that they start to contribute to their retirement plan and even start Collage fund for their kids prior to settle the current debt. Your first priority is to make sure all you credit cards are payed off, mortgage is payed off, and you have at least $15,000 or more in your savings account at all times. Once you do that you can start making small contributions to you retirement. Contributing to your IRA or 401k prior to that will result that you will be loosing money and not gaining like the investment companies claim.

nest eggYou need to remember that there is a Interest rate on your credit cards and on your mortgage. College tuition keeps going up on a alarming rate. You need to understand that even if you save a lot for collage education it will still not cover the whole cost. Best solution is focused on making sure you are free and clear from dept and once collage time approaches you can take out a loan and pay for it. Your retirement account is based on stock market mining that it can gain value or can even loose like you have already seen. A lot of people have lost most of their life savings and the only person that did not lose was your 401(k) or IRA broker. Investment Firm brokers charge fees for maintenance of your account and every time you contribute, buy stocks, sell stocks or do a withdrawal.

Even if your retirement account is gaining value, believe it that you are not getting any richer. You need to look and few factors: What is the percentage value gain has your 401k has received vs. what percentage is the inflation. When you do your calculation you will notice that inflation percentage is a lot grater then your investment. If your lucky you will break even or maybe you would be slightly on top. Retirement plan is not a true investment unless the value of it suppresses inflation rate.

You need to understand that Investment firms are just like a sales person, there job is to sell you a dream and make profit from it. They will tell you a lot of thing that are not true just to get a sale. The fact is when you retire you will not be spending as much as you do now.  If you die before you spending all your regiment money, your kids will get it. Unfortunately they will only get a small portion of it as it will be subject to taxes once more and this time at a much higher rate. So in reality retirement is not the best option. Make sure all your affairs are in order first before you start investing in your future. Live a little now rather than hoping you will do that later as you never know what the future might bring.


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Eons Ahead: Origin EON17-S Gaming Laptop Set to Impress

Origin EON17-S Gaming

Origin EON17-S Gaming

Eons Ahead: Origin EON17-S Gaming Laptop Set to Impress and turn Heads


Trying to strike the right balance between performance and bulk has always been the central issue for manufacturers of gaming laptops, but Origin have pretty much nailed it with the EON 17-S. Tech gaming experts have been putting the machine through its paces and it seems to be largely getting a thumbs up.



First Impressions

With its flared cover in loud colors, the EON17-S has more than a hint of Alienware about it, which is not surprising since many of the Origin team are Alienware defectors. But lifting the lid reveals a more modest interior, jazzed up with graphic equalisers; a rainbow-backlit keyboard, reminiscent of the MSI GS70, and a backlit Origin logo on the trackpad.

Weighing in at 8.2 pounds (minus the power brick), and measuring 16.2 x 10.9 x 1.8 inches, the EON 17-S is a bit of a beast and you might struggle to fit it into your existing laptop case.


The Spec

On to the figures, and the EON17-S can be built to your specification with a handful of different processors, graphics cards, RAM and storage options, with machines costing just over $1 600 for the most basic configuration.

All laptops ship with a 1920×1080 17.3 inch screen and can take a range of dual- and quad-core Intel processors with speeds of between 2.8 and 3.1 GHz (3.6 to 4.0 GHz with Turbo Boost).

Buyers can choose one of three NVidea GeForce GTX cards, from the 4MB 860M to the 8MB 880M and there are a number of options when it comes to RAM (from 2x2GB to 4x8GB), SSD from 2x120GB to 2x1TB) and HDD (320GB to 1TB) drives.


Pros and Cons

When running a quad-core 2.8 GHz processor and an NVidea GeForce GTX 880M, gamers found that the EON17-S could easily handle most of the games they threw at it, even with the settings maxed out. So in terms of its main function, Origin’s machine comes up trumps.

On the downside, the EON17-S has not quite achieved the portability of the GS70 Stealth, particularly since performance becomes heavily compromised when the mains plug is disconnected and the laptop switches to its integrated Intel 4600 graphics card).

Another criticism from gamers focused on a lack of screen colour depth and excessive brightness, effectively hijacking some of the powerful graphics on display.


All-in-all though, Origin should be pleased with their machine.

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Marco Lenses for Novice Photographers

Marco Lenses for Novice Photographers in you 

Macro photography is taking close-up shots to the extreme, some of the best images are those that capture fine details unseen by the naked eye. Most photographers will use very small subjects like an insect resting on a leaf, or the droplets of water on flower petals or a close-up of the human eye with extreme detail. Without the aid of special adapters or lenses this kind of close-up will blur and be out of focus. When shopping for a macro lens, think first about what you’re wanting to accomplish. If you’re looking for a clear close up without losing the your depth of field, you’ll want a shorter macro between 30mm and 60mm. If you jonesing for that minute detail and a narrowed field of depth, you’’ll want 150mm minimum.

Reversal Macro Rings   are perfect for novice or non-professional photographers. By using rings you can save yourself a bundle of money, often you find them below $50. It’s a good way to dabble with a low risk initial investment. You can use your regular lens, there’s no need to purchase special lens, just use the adapters or rings. It’s a simple process of removing the traditional lens, fitting the reversal ring to the filter side of your lens then reattaching your lens to your camera.

Mirror-Less Macro  If you prefer MILCs, there are macro mirror-less lenses available. Before you purchase the lens, make sure it’s compatible, newer cameras and lenses are sized differently than their older models, you may need to purchase an adapter. Though MILCs are said to work well with traditional lenses. If you’re using the Four Thirds system, double the focal length as the field of view cover twice the field of view. An added benefit of MILCs are their shutter noise is quieter, and may be less likely to startle any edgy critters. Pricing starts at $500.

Short Macro 30-50mm   This lens would be a step up from the macro rings, but better suited for stationary subjects like flowers, fruit, food, or portraits. You won’t get the finer details, but you’ll have the ability to be up close without blurring and a wider depth of field. With having to be as close as 6 inches you may cast a shadow over your subject, which is why this isn’t a good lens to use for capturing moving objects like bugs that will be startled by you moving around too much. The price is around $300.

Standard 60-105mm Macro    This lens will allow you the distance of 9 to 12 inches from your subject, an improvement from 6 inches. If you’re itching to capture that elusive butterfly resting on a rose blossom, the 105mm focal length is the lowest you want to go. This mid-range cost lens will give you greater detail than that of 30mm to 60mm but the higher the number the greater detail will be picked up. The price is around $500.

Tele-Macro  150-200mm   This is the cream of the crop. For photography enthusiast and serious hobbyists the hefty prices is worth the pay out. You can put yourself 12 to 24 inches distance between you and your subject. This lens is perfect for getting extra close to jumpy subjects and narrowing the field of depth of your subject. The price is around $1,500.

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Trends for the Artistic Photographer & Photography tips

Ashley AlexissTrends for the Artistic Photographer – Make your image stand out Tips !

Black and White   Although black and white photography is not trendy, it has staying power and will remain a classic among photographers. If, for example you take an image of a deeply green forest thick with fog and change it to black and white, you get a different vibe or story. In color the forest seems alive, lush, the fog will add a soft quietness. Black and white however, gives this scene a haunted, foreboding feeling, the fog becomes menacing, a danger. Black and white photos also uses light and shadow that will give more depth to the image, and presence to your subject and can express strong emotion.

Film Cameras   While film does have its disadvantages, cost, limited shots, and the inability of preview, it does have a soft and rustic look. This may be due to camera’s sensors and its remarkable ability to capture light, especially natural light. Film cameras are impractical for professional use, but for the hobbyist and the artistic photographers, they have a value and quality above digital. The demand for vintage high-quality film cameras is climbing, and sadly some are purchased as collections doomed to sit on a shelf and gather dust.

Digital Infrared   Playing with infrared effects is far more easier than it was when photographers used film cameras. It required special film and filters plus it had to be stored in certain temperatures, it was only for the serious and most dedicated photographer. Today, most digital cameras have built in IR filter, you can also have yours customized too. Photoshop and Elements have settings to convert colored photos to infrared black and white or monochromatic. If you want a clean detailed and sharper image, it’s best to convert your digital to an IR dedicated camera. There are some filters you can purchase as well.   High Closeup of Onion plantDynamic Range Imaging   Or HDRI for short, gives your images a wider and deeper range of colors and depth by combining several shots all with varying exposures of the same image to create one magnificent and powerful image. This process has been used since the early days of film and it’s gaining popularity. With the help of photography processing software you can layer your multiple exposure level images for maximum effect and a realistic image that’s closer to what the human eye sees.

Macro Photography   Getting uber close-ups of smaller objects at 6 inches to 2 feet away. Macro lenses allow photographers to gain far more cleaner detailed close-ups. Just remember if you’re new to photography it’s about the numbers (60mm to 200mm) not the label, learn the difference between macro lens versus macro zoom. Macro lenses are very specific and corrected lenses that allow the photographer to get up close and personal to small subjects like insects and flowers. Macro zoom on the other hand is just another way of labeling a lens as close focusing.

Boston City Lights Bokeh Effects   Bokeh simply means “blurred”in Japanese. Many creative photographers are purposely creating a blurred or fuzzy effect of background lights making them look like orbs, while keeping the subject’s image clear and clean. For example if the subject image is a glass of champagne, the background lighting might be candlelights, or fireworks. The further away the backgrounds lights, the better the bokeh effect will be. This effect can be accomplished with your standard camera or you can upload such an image and use photo editing software or look for online applications where you upload your image and apply the effect.



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Intel vs AMD: which processor is best for you









Intel vs AMD: which processor is best for you?

The processor is one of the most important elements in a computer, as it mainly dictates how much processing power your computer has and how many applications it can run at the same time. The two main CPU manufacturers in the world are AMD and Intel, so when you decide to purchase such a product, you need to choose between one of the two brands. However, each person tends to use the computer for different things, some of us use it for gaming, others use it for video editing and many people just browse the internet. The CPU performance expectations are different for each user category, so you do need to decide first what you are going to use the device for, then select the processor type accordingly.


AMD processors tend to provide little less processing power than the Intel ones, this is why they are recommended for people that have a limited budget for their computer. AMD is great for multitasking and more complex applications as well. Thanks to the Hyper Threading and numerous other features, Intel processors are great for playing AAA games, editing videos and many other applications as long as they are used one at a time.

Clock Speed and Number of Cores:

The clock speed tells you how many calculations can be made by a processor per second, and most of the time is measured in gigahertz. The number of cores tell you how many individual processors are combined into a single board. Nowadays you can find quad-core or even eight-core processors, which means that 4 or even processors are stored into a single one. The higher the clock speed and number of cores are, the better. AMD offers up to 8-Core processor with its new FX-9590 5Ghz Processor priced at around $329.99  and Intel i7-4790K is only 4-Core processor at 4Ghz for $339.99. Intel will be little better on a single application but AMD is much better when it comes to multitasking .

Overclocking capabilities:

All CPUs have a fixed clock speed, and they usually have a level that ensures they remain stable while still performing at the optimal speed. However, you can try and increase the clock speed and see if the processor still performs well. While Intel processors are usually locked at a certain clock speed, the AMD processors provide you with the best options for overclocking, as they allow you to modify their settings a lot easier. Mind that AMD processor due to its multi core tends to run hotter than Intel Processors which require that you have good cooling system or fan.

GPU communication:

If you plan on using your computer for graphical intensive applications, such as games or video editing, then you surely need to know how your processor communicates with the GPU. In this case the Intel processors offer a better GPU efficiency, and you can clearly see the difference in latency and frame rate as well, when compared to an AMD device. However if you have dedicated Video Card  than the Processor GPU does not matter that much.


Usually AMD offers more processor power for its money and still offer a great performance. Intel on the other hand tends to bring a lot of high-end processors that are quite expensive. Lower-End Intel Processors are not as powerful yet pricey.

In summary, you can easily choose between an AMD or Intel processor, depending on what you plan to use your computer for. If Price is no object then Intel is your choice. If you have a budget and still want to get great performance at a lower price than AMD is your choice.  For a laptop on the other hand Intel is much better choice because it consumes less power and produces less heat. If again price is a issue then AMD will do the job as well.


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Tilt-Shift Photography Techniques with DSLR Lens

Tilt-Shift Photography Techniques with your DSLR Camera Lens

The Tilt and Shift technique is growing in popularity, although it’s not a new technique, technology has taken it to a new level of artistry. It’s been around for more than 60 years, using specialized adapters or lenses, though its effect differs from what you are seeing most recently. This newest technique is called Fake Miniaturing. Its effect, when used properly, can make almost any picture look like a miniature diorama, giving the subject a toy-ish look. Even though the latter is often referred to as Tilt and Shift photography “tilt”and “shift”can be two separate photography effects.


Tilt   A tilt lens is aptly named, that’s just what it does, tilts. Traditional lens are parallel or vertical to the camera’s film, ensuring that your focal plane is in focus, say for example a child on their bike. By using a special lens that tilts you can narrow your focal plane to a one particular point, like focusing in on the child’s face while the rest of the picture is a blur, this gives the picture an artistic flare or depth to your subject. This technique is a great medium to use for those photographers that love to use their photos to tell a story or grab their audience and force them to focus on one particular spot within the whole image.


Shift   A shift lens will stay parallel, but move up and down via rails that are built into each side of the lens. This special lens comes in handy with vertical perspective distortion that is too tall to fit within the camera’s shot, e.g. a tall tree or building. If you’re too close to your subject plane, the tree per example, the top of the tree will be cut off. But, if you point your camera up, you get perspective distortion, giving the top of the tree a narrow perspective while the bottom or trunk of the tree looks wider than it actually is. This distortion effect is actually great artistically and most photographers enjoy and appreciate its quality, but if one is trying for an accurate representation, a shift lens can be a real life saver. It’s also possible to purchase a lens that both tilts and shifts, by the way. If you’re handy, you can build your own.

Fake Miniaturing   If done right, this technique can have the most amazing effect making a picture of a large yellow dump truck look like a child’s toy, for example. There’s no special camera equipment or lenses needed. You can achieve that “plastic”toy look with adjustments in your photography software, like photoshop. There’s plenty of online tutorials to help walk you through the process. With patience, you can transform the most blaséscenic picture and give it a dramatic look or an imaginative aura.


Tilt/Shift Applications   If you don’t have the budget for expensive software or you’re a novice and just want to play around, there are loads of alternatives available. You can find plenty of Tilt and Shift applications for your smart phone and all your mobile devises that you can play around with. There are even websites where you can upload any picture and give it a tilting effect or fake miniaturing look. Be aware that you may not get the same results you would with photography software. However, it’s a great place to start and play around with different effects besides Tilt and Shift, for a lower cost.

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PC vs Laptop – Which One Is Right For You


PC vs Laptop – Which one is right for you? It all depends on what you will use it for.

Technology has advanced so much in the last 20-30 years up to the point that almost anyone can now connect to the Internet via their mobile phone, computer, laptop or numerous other gadgets. However, when it comes to actually choosing the device you want to use on a daily basis, things can get a little harder, yet if you stay and think about it, you can easily make the right purchase in the end. In this article we are going to focus on certain categories and see which option is more suitable in different situations.


Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer, developer or gamer, you do need one thing, and that is a lot of processing power. Due to their larger size and space for adding multiple components, the PCs are better than the laptops in this regard, as they can amass a lot of processing power which makes them very suitable for just about any type of work. Laptops on the other hand are portable, which means that some performance and usage sacrifices had to be made in order to achieve their size.


Laptops come prebuilt and changing their components can be quite hard. Desktops however can start pretty low when it comes to their price, but if you want to add a great processor, the latest graphics card and a lot of memory you can easily increase the price tremendously. The main idea here is to come up with a budget and check the options available at that price. You also need to consider that PC’s tend to last longer than laptops and they are also upgradable to some degree.

Ease of use and portability:

At this category the laptops are the ultimate winners. Due to the fact that they have a small size you can easily transport them just about anywhere, which is very important for just about any type of person that goes from one place to another often, yet needs the power of a computer. A desktop is not portable at all, as they were specifically created to stay in a single place.

Screen size:

Desktop units come with a separate display unit that can easily have from 15” to 27” or more. On the other hand, due to their portability, laptops are made with smaller screens and their desktop size usually range from 10” up to 17”. Of course, laptops can still be connected to an external display if needed.


Since a PC is made of multiple components, the repair process is as simple as opening the case and removing/repairing the component that is causing problems and adding a new one in its place. When it comes to a laptop however, things tend to get a little problematic, as they are very hard to open and finding a replacement part of them is also really difficult at times. Laptops also have multiple hardware integrated into the motherboard, which means that if any of the hardware fails the whole motherboard fails and needs to be replaced.


A desktop solution is perfect for playing the latest videogames but you do need to invest a lot of money in your computer so you can play them. You will need to buy a high-end laptop in order to play AAA games on it, but if you want it just for casual gaming, then a normal laptop can do the trick.


A laptop is smaller in size, which means that you can place virtually anywhere you want, while a desktop unit does require a lot of space, as is normally tends to be placed on the side of a desk. If space is an issue in your home, then you should choose a laptop instead of a desktop unit. Laptops only require a small are of your desk or table



While desktops are cheaper and with a lot more procession power, they aren’t portable and come with an additional display. Laptops are much more portable and easy to use, but some performance sacrifices had to be made for this and they, most of the time, tend to be a little more expensive than a PC. It comes down to you to choose what type of device is best for you, depending on your needs and what you want to use it for. Such a purchase does require quite a large budget, so make sure you have the necessary amount of money beforehand.

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