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How To Enable Developer Options In Android Smartphone Device

Developer Options in Android phoneDeveloper Options In Android Smartphone Device User Guide – How You Can Enable 


Developer options is used to root your device. If you are going to install a custom ROM or want to root your phone. Then, for this purpose, you have to enable the Developer Options in your device. Normally, this option is hidden away from the average users of the phone, but you can avail this option easily through following some guidelines.


The very first step is to find the build number of your device in settings. This option may be found under settings section. But for different devices, you have to tap different options to reach build number. In Stock Android devices, you have to simply go to Settings, then to About Phone and there you will find build number.


In Samsung Galaxy S5, you can find build number in About Device option buried under Settings menu. In LG G3, you can trace build number from About Phone, then System Information and there will be Build Number. In HTC One, you can get build number option by going to Settings Menu, then to About option and then to More option in System Information.


Extra options for Developers on android SmartphoneAfter finding the build number section in your device. The next step is to tap on the section for 7 times. When you will tap for 2 times, there will be a pop-up notification appeared which will tell you that you are N number of steps away from being a Developer. After taping for N numbers, you will get the Developer Option. The developer options can be normally found in main settings menu like enable USB debugging.


So, are you willing to get rid of this developer options now, then you can do that by setting your phone to factory reset. There are few phones available which can wipe out these settings without wiping the while device completely.



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Development Software Microsoft Visual Studio 8

Microsoft Visual Studio 8Development Software by Microsoft

Visual Studio 8

Microsoft Visual Studio is a development software, compiler or (IDE) integrated development environment, as it is called. The Software is used to build and compile programs specifically for Microsoft Windows. Using the software you can make websites, web application, web services along with regular desktop applications. Visual studio uses Microsoft Development platforms such as Windows APi, Windows Forms, the Windows store and Presentation foundation. The software can produce both native and managed code.


Visual Studio is optimized to benefit the coder and make programming easy. The environment provided is excellent. The theme makes it very easy to differentiate bbetween written lines of codes, errors, instructions, comments and all other components of developing. The debugger is best on any compiler on earth. Using the debugger you can locate your errors and trace them out by modifying your logic or correcting your syntaxes. Another great feature is the prediction services, which predicts what text you are going to type as code. The service offers classes, function, variables you imitated as suggestion to save typing, effort and hassle.


Visual Studio lets you code in different programming languages, the code editor and debugger suppoerts almost every language on earth. You can download additional language packages if the language you require is not present on the bulit in storage. The built in languages include : C, C++, C#, VB.NET, Visaul C++, Python, Java, XML/HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XSTL, Ruby and many other.

The Visual Studio 2013 (VS2013) is latest addition the Lineup. The update adds quite a few features to the IDE. Among some noticeable changes are the revamped UI with aound more than 400 modified icons to match the bright cheerful look of Windows 8.


Visual Studio is offered by Microsoft at no cost to promote development and programming. The Commercial version of Products are available to offices, colleges and universities via Dreamspark accounts and other affiliate programs. The software is no doubt the best programming IDE and has no parallel.

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Working with Cayosoft Admin Assistant

Coyosoft Admin AssistantCayosoft Admin Assistant

Lately, we heard about a product from Cayosoft, called Admin Assitant, that claims to be able to render reporrting and eule enforcement for Acfive Directory, Office 365, and Windows Server.

Working with Cayosoft Admin Assitant

Cayosoft Admin Assitant utilizes a fairly simple console. A large number of built in templates are contained by the console, on which rules can be based. For instance, the computers -AD Computers (Report) template is used to compile a list of all of the computer objects in the Active Directory. There are few different options for each template. A preview query can also be performed, you can run the ruke, or you can also enforce the rule.

The preview option simply displays the query results within a window, in case if you are wondering. The result can be seen on the screen, or can be exported to a CSV file.

After you run a rule, the output is written to an HTML based report. When a rwport is run, Admin Assistant displays a message , telling yoj that records may be E-mailed or they might be displaye din the Reports folder, depending on how the rule is contoured.

Although it is useful to be able to run a rule manually, Cayosoft Admin Assitant is really all aboht automation. By enforcing rules, automation is attained. Yoh are also given the option to schedule to run on a periodic basis, when you select the Enable check box for a rule.

For the new templates to be downloaded at any time, Admin Assistant is designed. More essentially, administrators are given the ability to create custom rules, which can be based on existing temlpates or administrators can build rules entirely from scratch.

We find Admin Assistant to be a solid product that does exactly what it is supposed to do.


Article written by: Hadiqa Fatima

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How Good Are the BOSS Waza Craft Pedals From Roland

boss Waza Craft PedalBoss Waza Craft Pedals From Roland is it any Good?


If you’ve been playing around with your guitar for awhile or you’ve got your own synth setup going on, then there’s a good chance that you’ve got some Waza pedals sitting around somewhere. Roland has a pretty good setup with them, but the new Waza craft pedals that are coming out this Summer are going to kick your sounds up to another notch! Roland has retooled the overdrive, delay and the blues driver to make the sounds clear, concise, and solid.

What Makes the Waza Craft So Good?


The BOSS pedals are so good because they still utilize digital and analog components in the construction of the unit. The analog circuits are discreetly woven into the pedals in such a way that the average person isn’t going to know that they’re there… but it’s there. In some ways, this is the epitome of what Waza means. Referring to the technique of art, these pedals are going to add another level of depth to the sounds that you can produce.


It begins with the stomp that’s on the blues driver. It adds a nice level of grit to the sound that you’re creating and really captures the lower frequencies to bring them out. The pedal is able to pick up the subtleties of a bass that’s being picked, yet has the speed to work with a synth setup without lagging behind on a fast sequence. The standard sound mode is nice and it’ll even pick up on volume changes fairly well.

And Yes… Roland Has Brought Back the Delay!

There’s a good chance we’ve encountered each other at some point along the way in the quest to get the old DM-2 delay pedal because it’s so good, but this new Waza delay is even better. It nails the sounds perfectly and you get up to a 300ms delay on the standard mode. The custom mode is A LOT better, however, because the delay reaches up to 600ms and it has an old school analog tone that gets put into the sounds from the guitar or synth.


As for the overdrive pedal, the final product is falls in-between a British clean type of sound with an infusion of American crunch. The sounds are captured with an increased range of tones and the gain isn’t so overpowering that you’ll end up hearing more feedback than music. It’s definitely a premium stomp if you love the overdrive sound and tone and the analog amplifier adds just a bit of extra depth to the final sounds.


If you’re looking for new pedals this year to influence your live sets or your compositions, then the Waza Craft  series from Roland will help to develop the frequencies of your sounds so your tones are pure, solid, and true. They’re highly responsive, work well with the rest of your pedal board, and will help you create a customized sound that will become your trademark.


These pedals are definitely going to change the way you think about music.



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Setting Up Citrix NetScaler 10.5 and install SSL Certificate

Citrix NetScaler  Citrix NetScaler 10.5 Setup – Citrix Systems

In the following article we will show you how to configure this new NetScaler,  and installing a SSL certificate.

Make sure there is a license file for the NetScaler and that there are at least three IP addresses available for the configuration, before beginning with the installation and confihuration. A SSL certificate is needed by The Access Gateway function, make sure you can create a SSL certificate by a Certificate Authprity (CA) and that there is an external DNS record in place.


Open the Citrix NetScaler console on the hypervisor after turning on the NetScaler. Fill the needed IP address’s data. Save and quit, after that the NetScaler will reboot. Open a browser to the NSIP address, after rebooting the Net Scaler. Login with the user name and password “nsroot”. Click on the second step, Subnet IP Address. Fill it and click Done. To configure Host name, DNS IP Address, and Time Zone, go on step 3. Fill in the required data and again click Done. Upload license file from a local PC if you have it and click Browse. In the end, click Reboot.

Installing a SSL certificate

Installation of the SSL certifate is the next step. In the browser, type Traffic Management > SSL and click on the Create RSA Key. Fill in the required data and click OK. Click on the Create CSR (Certificate Signing Request), and fill in the required data. Also type the required data on the bottom of the page and click OK. Click on Manage Certificates / Keys / CSRs, to download the request file. Next, select the request file and click Download.

Copy all text from the opened request file with Notepad. To create the key or re-key an existing certificate by pasting the text from the request file, go to your Certificate Authority. Download the certificate, after creating it. Next, browse to Traffic Management > SSL > Certificates and click on Install.

Now you should have Citrix NetScaler all set up.

Article written by: Hadiqa Fatima

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Using Citrix VDI-in-a-Box 5.2 or VDI Controller Advantages

Firewall system. Computer Network.What is Citrix VDI-in-a-Box 5.2?

Citrix VDI-in-a-box functions as a VDI controller. It sits as a VM appliance, in your data center, and tosses sessions between a breathtaking number of devices; Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2, VMware 5.0 update 1+, Citric XenCenter 6.1 hypervisor, and many others. Citrix uses an enhancement of RDP protocols by Microsoft, HDX protocol. With Citrix VDI-in-a-box you cannot virtualize hot sessions for non-Windows operating systems, and you will need a Microsoft volume licensing agreement to have Windows virtual licensed desktops available to you, a DHCP server, data store, and a naming convention for hosted Virtual Machines.

Although both companies, Citrix and VMware, have extra products, VMware native instance image considerations still lead a bit. Once you get the images correctly installed, you will have to license these; has a different licensing constraint. To prevent resource drainage during peak events, like a remote meeting time or morning start up time, Citrix allows VDI-in-a-box to be configured. For Citrix running Citrix VDI, Citrix recommended server infrastructure descriptions are less detailed than VMware. This might be due to the fact that Citrix runs as a connection broker over various different flexible hypervisor families, Whereas VMware Horizon View is run in a more controlled environment.

Images are delivered to remote based and local desktops without a hitch, and the draft images allow you to choose either Citrix HDX protocol or Microsoft’s RDP protocol. For a dramatic effect, high latency connections or low speed, you can also limit colour depth. You can also choose between hosted VMs use of network or device disks, smart cards, printers, or USB devices.

Security concerns are outside the scope of this product and should be buttoned down before the installation; Citrix VDI-in-a-box facilitates multiple hypervisor family platforms. Chances of misuse seem to be very limited as most organizations use the best security practices.




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Tips to Help Keep Your Laptop Cool

wpid-20140715_144142.jpgKeep Your Laptop Cool


It is important to to keep your laptop cool if possible. Keeping it cool will help extend the life of your laptop as well and improve its performance.All electronic workings generate heat when they are running; your laptop is no different. If you are thinking, why does your laptop overheat more than your desktop? Well, there are two major reasons for that: As laptops are much smaller than desktops, all the electronic components are crammed tightly, and as they closer together there is not much room left for heat dissipation. Moreover, as laptops come with more powerful processors and your OS requires more processing power to run, extra heat is generated inside your laptop case.It is important to keep your laptop cool so that it will last longer.


To maintain your laptop and get rid of overheating issues, you need to do some basic maintenance, It is important to keep your laptop cool so that it will last longer.
1. Check your laptop’s fans: As the fans are packed inside your system and opening up your laptop’s case means your warranty goes void. You could download fan diagnostic software, which is a tool to make sure that your fans are working properly.
2. Clean air vents: Laptops which use airflow aid to cool have intake and exhaust vents to throw out hot and take in cool air. Clean these vents using a compressed air blast, or damp cloth.
3. Check BIOS settings: Download and update your BIOS settings, check the website of your laptop manufacturer for the update; make sure you take a complete backup of your data before updating.


There are some external tools and add-ons too to help you deal with overheating issues.
1. Do not use your laptop on your lap, or any soft surface; it impedes airflow through your machine.
2. Try using a laptop stand, it maintains distance between the surface and the bottom of your laptop and forms an air gap for sufficient airflow.
3. Try using an Aluminium stand which would act as a heat sink; actively drawing out heat out of your laptop helps cooling it.

4. there are also gadgets that you can but to keep your laptop cool.

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Software review – CyberLink PowerDirector 12 Deluxe


Software review – CyberLink PowerDirector 12 Deluxe

It’s so common to watch videos on YouTube and being uploaded every then and now however; just uploading a small video clip of a performance of dancing or singing and then looking for audience can be of a hard task. So for grabbing attention of maximum number of audiences it is important to have a high-quality video along with a video editor where files can be merged, add music, tiles, transitions and much more. Everything that you need must be made certain before purchasing a program as to satisfy your requirements. With no doubt, fancy software might prove to be difficult and complicated to use and the ones who do not know much about the basics are bound to stuck in it. a simple tool can serve you the best features too so for now, lets dig in and discover more about the number one ranked video editing software that is CyberLink PowerDirector 12 Deluxe.

CyberLink PowerDirector 12 Deluxe

CyberLink PowerDirector has a long list of tools that are too impressive and unique for users let it be experts or just beginners. It includes MultiCam Designer for editing footage from

numerous cameras with the cheapest price than the rest which is $49 and also supports 4K videos easily.  It needs a 2GB RAM of Microsoft Vista 7 or 8 and 1024 x 768 resolution to make the Power Director work.

It has three modes that can accessible that are Easy editor, Full Feature Editor and Slideshow Creator according to the user’s level of using it. Editing is super fast and has a good, quick performance saving time. Theme Designer tool permits the beginners to make their projects in no time with only 3 step process. The user only needs to select a template, pick media and then save it. Movies from Facebook, YouTube, and Daily Motion can also be shared.

CyberLink also offers tutorials on website to help the beginners learn much more techniques than they are aware of. PowerDirector also facilitates nearly all file types like MPEG, MKV, MOV and also fewer ordinary ones!

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Windows 8 use Without Signing Up for Microsoft Account

Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 Start Screen

Do you want to use Windows 8 without signing up for Microsoft account?

People all over the world have different opinions on using a Microsoft account or not. Due to privacy reasons, it is possible to use Windows 8 without signing in for a Microsoft account.


Create a local account to run Windows 8:

Creating a local account is possible through selecting the option of making it however; Microsoft have tried a bit to hide it but it still is available. Make certain that the PC is not connected to the internet and then click on the option “Create the new account” there will also be link displayed “ Sign in without a Microsoft account” click this to select a password and username for the local account if you choose not to create a Microsoft account.

To keep all your settings and instructions, follow tips and instructions given below. Type settings and choose PC settings from the Start screen. From the settings, click your account and then Disconnect to create a distance from Microsoft Account if you already made it earlier. If one wants to switch back to Microsoft’s account follow the same steps with juts choosing the Connect to Microsoft account option which will then verify the account through email or text and save settings along with picture documents automatically to the storage service of Microsoft OneDrive cloud.

However; it is recommended to Sign in with a Microsoft account if you want to use an app or especially install it through Windows Store as suggested by the Windows itself before installation but this Windows Store can be installed on a local account as an alternative. Opt for Sign in each app separately after which you will be taken to the Microsoft account momentarily just to install the app although it is not recommended but still is a great substitute indeed.

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