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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Disappointment

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Disappointment

Samsung just announced its new flagship phone Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ at a event held in NYC.
Samsung did not go in to details about its Flagship phone but they focused on some new features that were introduced, some quite impressive some not as much. The biggest disappointment was when Samsung has confirmed that it has removed headphone jack to make room for the larger battery. Larger battery is very welcoming but we will defiantly miss the Headphone Jack.

This year Samsung has announced few new tech innovations that will change the phone world but it dint include it with this yea Note 10 which means that next year Galaxy S11 and Note 11 will probably be the most attractive phone yet. Especially with the New 48MP Camera sensor that Samsung has started to mass produce but it is possible that this new massive camera will not be exclusive to Samsung.

The new software features were mention at the event but Samsung has not mentioned them to be exclusive to Note 10 which means that those features will most likely come to Galaxy S10 later in time. At  this item it seems that the only exclusive thing will be the S Pen that received few new features like gesture control.

One thing we did appreciate is the starting price of the phones is just $949.99 for the Note 10, $1099.99 for Note10+ and $1299.99 for Note10+ 5G.

Update: Despite the disappointment, it is still the most popular galaxy phone of the year.

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