Moving To A2Hosting for Faster Website Speed

Update: We are almost done moving to A2 Hosting, You may experience outages once in a while while we complete the move. We also hope that if you visit us during this time are site should have a lot faster response then we had in the last 6 month.

We will keep you posted with are progress:

In 2020 GoDaddy made service upgrade to their hosting that slowed down lots of older sites unless they opted in to a more expensive plans.
For us hear at Teckbay the cost increase would have been about 10X of what are current pricing is with GoDaddy which is on the higher side already. Especially now that most sites need a SSL certificate that GoDaddy charger $75 for a year for the cheapest plan. All those cost add up, if your website generates thousands of dollars a month than it might not be a big deal but if you are not then it is another story.

We did lots of research and compared lots of web hosting for WordPress and we have chosen A2 Hosting You can see their hosting plans here:

The reason we went with A2 Hosting is because they have cheaper hosting plans that offer more than GoDaddy. Also they offer SSL certificate for you website FREE, yes Free !

As all webhosting they offer their promo pricing for the first 3 years and then the price it goes up. With that consideration are price after 3 years would go up only to are current cost, but we will be getting free SSL certificate and faster hosting.

To all are visitors please note that are site might be down or glitchy sometimes during are transition from GoDaddy to A2Hosting. Since we are moving more than just one site their is probability that we might have some issues as we are currently experiencing problems with GoDaddy.

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