Right to Repair Law question is Misleading on Ballot

“Right to Repair Law” Vehicle Data Access Requirement Initiative (2020)

The Right to Repair Law is in trouble as Big companies did a good job making it seem like it is a terrible idea that someone other then the manufacturer would be able to access data of your vehicle. Most of the ads I seen were that the data would be available to anyone freely at any time to track your movement and location. This is simply not true. I hope people have read the information and dint just vote on it from the information they received on the news or social media.

It is very troubling that the title of the ballot question did not say Right To Repair as this would be more informing.

We strongly believe in the Right To Repair. We should have the option to repair are product we buy if we choose. The blocking of right to repair would mean you never really own anything you buy. Please support the Right To Repair! It should be your right. Don’t let big companies dictate on what you can and can not do with products you buy.

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