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Tips to Help Keep Your Laptop Cool

wpid-20140715_144142.jpgKeep Your Laptop Cool


It is important to to keep your laptop cool if possible. Keeping it cool will help extend the life of your laptop as well and improve its performance.All electronic workings generate heat when they are running; your laptop is no different. If you are thinking, why does your laptop overheat more than your desktop? Well, there are two major reasons for that: As laptops are much smaller than desktops, all the electronic components are crammed tightly, and as they closer together there is not much room left for heat dissipation. Moreover, as laptops come with more powerful processors and your OS requires more processing power to run, extra heat is generated inside your laptop case.It is important to keep your laptop cool so that it will last longer.


To maintain your laptop and get rid of overheating issues, you need to do some basic maintenance, It is important to keep your laptop cool so that it will last longer.
1. Check your laptop’s fans: As the fans are packed inside your system and opening up your laptop’s case means your warranty goes void. You could download fan diagnostic software, which is a tool to make sure that your fans are working properly.
2. Clean air vents: Laptops which use airflow aid to cool have intake and exhaust vents to throw out hot and take in cool air. Clean these vents using a compressed air blast, or damp cloth.
3. Check BIOS settings: Download and update your BIOS settings, check the website of your laptop manufacturer for the update; make sure you take a complete backup of your data before updating.


There are some external tools and add-ons too to help you deal with overheating issues.
1. Do not use your laptop on your lap, or any soft surface; it impedes airflow through your machine.
2. Try using a laptop stand, it maintains distance between the surface and the bottom of your laptop and forms an air gap for sufficient airflow.
3. Try using an Aluminium stand which would act as a heat sink; actively drawing out heat out of your laptop helps cooling it.

4. there are also gadgets that you can but to keep your laptop cool.

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