Working with Cayosoft Admin Assistant

Coyosoft Admin AssistantCayosoft Admin Assistant

Lately, we heard about a product from Cayosoft, called Admin Assitant, that claims to be able to render reporrting and eule enforcement for Acfive Directory, Office 365, and Windows Server.

Working with Cayosoft Admin Assitant

Cayosoft Admin Assitant utilizes a fairly simple console. A large number of built in templates are contained by the console, on which rules can be based. For instance, the computers -AD Computers (Report) template is used to compile a list of all of the computer objects in the Active Directory. There are few different options for each template. A preview query can also be performed, you can run the ruke, or you can also enforce the rule.

The preview option simply displays the query results within a window, in case if you are wondering. The result can be seen on the screen, or can be exported to a CSV file.

After you run a rule, the output is written to an HTML based report. When a rwport is run, Admin Assistant displays a message , telling yoj that records may be E-mailed or they might be displaye din the Reports folder, depending on how the rule is contoured.

Although it is useful to be able to run a rule manually, Cayosoft Admin Assitant is really all aboht automation. By enforcing rules, automation is attained. Yoh are also given the option to schedule to run on a periodic basis, when you select the Enable check box for a rule.

For the new templates to be downloaded at any time, Admin Assistant is designed. More essentially, administrators are given the ability to create custom rules, which can be based on existing temlpates or administrators can build rules entirely from scratch.

We find Admin Assistant to be a solid product that does exactly what it is supposed to do.


Article written by: Hadiqa Fatima

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