Microsoft Internet Explorer Serious Bug Leaves Browsers Open to Hackers


Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver. 6-11 Serious Bug Leaves Browsers Open to Hackers

UPDATE: 05/01/2014

[notice]PCMAG Reports that Microsoft has fixed the bug in Internet Explorer, Ever for Windows XP users[/notice]

FireEye has discovered early this week that almost all Version of IE (Internet explorer) Version 6 to 11 have a major bug that enables hackers to redirect websites, run malicious software on the user’s computers and even take control to some extent.
Users can run alternative web browsers until Microsoft is able to fix the problem
Microsoft is investigating the issue and for now suggests that users make sure that there Anti-Virus is running properly and take extra cautions when visiting unknown websites, also recommend disabling the Adobe Flash plug-in for now. Microsoft may release fix throe their Windows Security Update feature in Windows, Internet Explorer Update or a Patch will be available to download from Microsoft website.
For Details regarding the IE flaw you can visit FireEye  post which provides detail that FireEye has discovered.
Unfortunately for users that still run the most popular Windows XP, they will not see a fix for their Internet Explorer Version 8 because Microsoft has dropped support for Win XP last month. The only options XP user have is Switching to alternative browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox . Both are free web browsers available for download.

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