Setting Up Citrix NetScaler 10.5 and install SSL Certificate

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In the following article we will show you how to configure this new NetScaler,  and installing a SSL certificate.

Make sure there is a license file for the NetScaler and that there are at least three IP addresses available for the configuration, before beginning with the installation and confihuration. A SSL certificate is needed by The Access Gateway function, make sure you can create a SSL certificate by a Certificate Authprity (CA) and that there is an external DNS record in place.


Open the Citrix NetScaler console on the hypervisor after turning on the NetScaler. Fill the needed IP address’s data. Save and quit, after that the NetScaler will reboot. Open a browser to the NSIP address, after rebooting the Net Scaler. Login with the user name and password “nsroot”. Click on the second step, Subnet IP Address. Fill it and click Done. To configure Host name, DNS IP Address, and Time Zone, go on step 3. Fill in the required data and again click Done. Upload license file from a local PC if you have it and click Browse. In the end, click Reboot.

Installing a SSL certificate

Installation of the SSL certifate is the next step. In the browser, type Traffic Management > SSL and click on the Create RSA Key. Fill in the required data and click OK. Click on the Create CSR (Certificate Signing Request), and fill in the required data. Also type the required data on the bottom of the page and click OK. Click on Manage Certificates / Keys / CSRs, to download the request file. Next, select the request file and click Download.

Copy all text from the opened request file with Notepad. To create the key or re-key an existing certificate by pasting the text from the request file, go to your Certificate Authority. Download the certificate, after creating it. Next, browse to Traffic Management > SSL > Certificates and click on Install.

Now you should have Citrix NetScaler all set up.

Article written by: Hadiqa Fatima

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