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Norton Mobile Security Review 2014


The rapid expansion of mobile and telecom industry and the software boom during the recent years has paved way for an even bigger issue: mobile security threats. Fortunately, this problem was immediately foreseen and tackled effectively. Norton Security Services was launched with the intention of protecting your mobile phones from the viruses and malicious malwares that are rampant around the globe and are threatening the security of your devices. Norton Security Services is, now, the most renowned and reputable company known to provide antivirus and security services.

Before you take the big step of choosing Norton Security Services for your mobile phones, let us take an overview of its features.


  • Regular scanning of your mobile phone for potential threats removes all sorts of bugs and viruses that may gain access to your mobile.
  • Auto scanning option causes in-depth probing every time that an app is installed or the memory/SD card is inserted, keeping your device safe and sound.
  • In case your mobile phone gets stolen or is lost, you can gain access to your mobile remotely via your online account and can lock your set in addition to wiping all your data to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.
  • A flash message can also be remotely activated to appear across your mobile phone screen so you’re your mobile can be returned to you if found by someone else.
  • “Scream alarm” can also be activated to alert the people in the vicinity of your lost cell phone of its location. This feature works even if your cell phone has been set to “silent”.
  • Unwanted messages and calls can be filtered and blocked.
  • You can back up your data on the cloud to be recovered in case it is accidentally lost.
  • The software does not hinder the normal functioning of the mobile and multiple tasks can be carried out side by side while your mobile phone is being scanned for bugs.
  • The Sneak Peek feature activates the front camera and captures the picture of the thief which can go a long way in device recovery process.


  • The app does not support all the mobile devices. Only android 2.2 and above versions are compatible with it.
  • Lack of PIN code security for restoration of factory settings can take just a misguided moment to wipe your mobile clean of all data.


Due to its high rating, Norton Security Services is an outstanding app for mobile security. With just a few minor glitches, it has all the enhanced security features and can be used comfortably for keeping guard over your mobile phones.


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