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How Good Are the BOSS Waza Craft Pedals From Roland

boss Waza Craft PedalBoss Waza Craft Pedals From Roland is it any Good?


If you’ve been playing around with your guitar for awhile or you’ve got your own synth setup going on, then there’s a good chance that you’ve got some Waza pedals sitting around somewhere. Roland has a pretty good setup with them, but the new Waza craft pedals that are coming out this Summer are going to kick your sounds up to another notch! Roland has retooled the overdrive, delay and the blues driver to make the sounds clear, concise, and solid.

What Makes the Waza Craft So Good?


The BOSS pedals are so good because they still utilize digital and analog components in the construction of the unit. The analog circuits are discreetly woven into the pedals in such a way that the average person isn’t going to know that they’re there… but it’s there. In some ways, this is the epitome of what Waza means. Referring to the technique of art, these pedals are going to add another level of depth to the sounds that you can produce.


It begins with the stomp that’s on the blues driver. It adds a nice level of grit to the sound that you’re creating and really captures the lower frequencies to bring them out. The pedal is able to pick up the subtleties of a bass that’s being picked, yet has the speed to work with a synth setup without lagging behind on a fast sequence. The standard sound mode is nice and it’ll even pick up on volume changes fairly well.

And Yes… Roland Has Brought Back the Delay!

There’s a good chance we’ve encountered each other at some point along the way in the quest to get the old DM-2 delay pedal because it’s so good, but this new Waza delay is even better. It nails the sounds perfectly and you get up to a 300ms delay on the standard mode. The custom mode is A LOT better, however, because the delay reaches up to 600ms and it has an old school analog tone that gets put into the sounds from the guitar or synth.


As for the overdrive pedal, the final product is falls in-between a British clean type of sound with an infusion of American crunch. The sounds are captured with an increased range of tones and the gain isn’t so overpowering that you’ll end up hearing more feedback than music. It’s definitely a premium stomp if you love the overdrive sound and tone and the analog amplifier adds just a bit of extra depth to the final sounds.


If you’re looking for new pedals this year to influence your live sets or your compositions, then the Waza Craft  series from Roland will help to develop the frequencies of your sounds so your tones are pure, solid, and true. They’re highly responsive, work well with the rest of your pedal board, and will help you create a customized sound that will become your trademark.


These pedals are definitely going to change the way you think about music.



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