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Top 5 Best Free Photo Manipulation Apps

wpid-screenshot_2014-06-15-12-41-07.pngTop 5 Best Free Photo Manipulation Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet

Taking a good shot is just the start of the process in today’s photography. Before you share your images on your preferred social network or start creating your own memes, you’ll want to perfect that shot you took with a variety of filters, enhancers, and beautifiers so the image can be stunning! You could pay hundreds of dollars per year for professional photo manipulation software… or you could utilize these free mobile apps to make the most out of your images.


#1. BeFunky

It’s the wide variety of options that make this free photo app so great. With the beautify function, you just have to touch one image to maximize the brightness, contrast, and color saturation of your image. You can also manually adjust these items, add in specific filters, and even create new focus points in a format that is incredibly easy to use and works across all platforms.


#2. FX Photo Studio

The sheer amount of filters that you get from this free app make it worth the download. You can quickly give any photograph a vintage look, add a little grunge to it like you had a high ISO setting on your camera, or just splash a little color into the image if you want. There are 194 different effects and filters to use AND you can add watermarks to your images to make sure they don’t get stolen from your account.


#3. Photo Invader

This free photo app is more for those who take portrait or landscape shots with their cameras and want to take advantage of the rainbows, unicorns, and cats that are so popular on the internet today! Add cutout images to photos, insert new dress and hair styles, or just completely invade an image with a wide variety of clipart that will give you the customized image you want.


#4. PopAGraph

Made with the iPhone in mind, this is one of the easiest apps to use when it comes to digitally manipulating specific focus points of an image. Image recognition technology will help you isolate specific subjects in the image and allow you to apply different filters to different focus points. You won’t get instant results with this app because of the level of digital manipulation you’re doing, but the work you put into each image won’t be in vain.


#5. PhotoToaster

If you want all the basics of what you’d find in an Adobe program, then this is the free photo app for you. Add depth to your image quickly by changing exposure and temperature settings. Automatic filters will help you compensate light settings and a number of different filters will let you add plenty of effects. You can also crop and rotate your image in a number of different formats, including the 4×3 ratio for personal prints if you want too.


What is your favorite free photo app that you use to make your images stand out? Share your favorites and links to your images with us today!

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