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Marco Lenses for Novice Photographers

Marco Lenses for Novice Photographers in you 

Macro photography is taking close-up shots to the extreme, some of the best images are those that capture fine details unseen by the naked eye. Most photographers will use very small subjects like an insect resting on a leaf, or the droplets of water on flower petals or a close-up of the human eye with extreme detail. Without the aid of special adapters or lenses this kind of close-up will blur and be out of focus. When shopping for a macro lens, think first about what you’re wanting to accomplish. If you’re looking for a clear close up without losing the your depth of field, you’ll want a shorter macro between 30mm and 60mm. If you jonesing for that minute detail and a narrowed field of depth, you’’ll want 150mm minimum.

Reversal Macro Rings   are perfect for novice or non-professional photographers. By using rings you can save yourself a bundle of money, often you find them below $50. It’s a good way to dabble with a low risk initial investment. You can use your regular lens, there’s no need to purchase special lens, just use the adapters or rings. It’s a simple process of removing the traditional lens, fitting the reversal ring to the filter side of your lens then reattaching your lens to your camera.

Mirror-Less Macro  If you prefer MILCs, there are macro mirror-less lenses available. Before you purchase the lens, make sure it’s compatible, newer cameras and lenses are sized differently than their older models, you may need to purchase an adapter. Though MILCs are said to work well with traditional lenses. If you’re using the Four Thirds system, double the focal length as the field of view cover twice the field of view. An added benefit of MILCs are their shutter noise is quieter, and may be less likely to startle any edgy critters. Pricing starts at $500.

Short Macro 30-50mm   This lens would be a step up from the macro rings, but better suited for stationary subjects like flowers, fruit, food, or portraits. You won’t get the finer details, but you’ll have the ability to be up close without blurring and a wider depth of field. With having to be as close as 6 inches you may cast a shadow over your subject, which is why this isn’t a good lens to use for capturing moving objects like bugs that will be startled by you moving around too much. The price is around $300.

Standard 60-105mm Macro    This lens will allow you the distance of 9 to 12 inches from your subject, an improvement from 6 inches. If you’re itching to capture that elusive butterfly resting on a rose blossom, the 105mm focal length is the lowest you want to go. This mid-range cost lens will give you greater detail than that of 30mm to 60mm but the higher the number the greater detail will be picked up. The price is around $500.

Tele-Macro  150-200mm   This is the cream of the crop. For photography enthusiast and serious hobbyists the hefty prices is worth the pay out. You can put yourself 12 to 24 inches distance between you and your subject. This lens is perfect for getting extra close to jumpy subjects and narrowing the field of depth of your subject. The price is around $1,500.

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