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Why Not To Order Flowers Online – Proflowers vs. Florists

wpid-img_2444.jpgWhy Not To Order Flowers Online – Proflowers vs. Florists

When it comes to getting flowers for your loved ones it seems like ordering online will save you few bucks but at the end you will be more satisfied with flowers purchased from a Local Flower Shop. I always advice to shop online for best deals but when it comes to flowers you may not get what you pay for.

The two of the biggest reasons to buy local:

  1. You see exactly what you are buying.
  2. You support your local businesses; most flowers sold online are imported from other countries.

Whether it is a Birthday, Holiday or Valentine Day, many of us buy flowers for family, friends or loved ones. Many of us shop at a local floral store and some just like me, had ordered their flowers online. Right before e Valentine’s Day I ordered 2 Dozen Roses from Proflowers.com.  I am sure by now you heard their ad on the radio or even received emails from them promising great looking flowers and a bargain price. Compared to other Online and local businesses it appears to be a better deal. Unfortunately once you have chosen your flowers that you wand the ordering process begins as well as additional costs and fees.  Proflowers.com does offer lower prices at first, but there are additional cost that follow.

In my case I ordered Two Dozen Long Stemmed Valentine’s Roses with Cherry Red Vase for $39.95. Then came standard delivery of $12.99 that apples to deliveries that are made 3 days before or after Valentine’s day, Deliveries made on Valentine’s day are up to $30.00. After that we have $2.99 Care & Handling as well as state tax. My total came to $50.15 which compared to the same flowers at my local Flower store is only $6.00 cheaper. So I guess you can say I saved $6.00 and I dint have to leave my house but in reality I did not and here is why.

The flowers came in a box wrapped in plastic; it included a vase and two plant food packets. The person that receives the flowers needs to cut 1-3” off the step and place them in a vase with water and plant food. Once you do that you are all done. Flowers will look like in the picture, ok maybe not.

This may not apply to everyone but if you live in a cold part of a country like I do which is New England I would highly recommend not to order flowers online. Because the flowers need to be delivered to you via Fedex or UPS there is 90% that the flowers will freeze and will die shortly after.

I got the flowers few days before Valentine’s day, I unpacked them, cut 2” of the stem,  placed them in a vase, added water and plant food as mentioned in the instruction.

First Day, the flowers looked ok, Not like in the picture as advertized but who really expects that.


After 4 days:


Proflowers Roses - Day 5

Proflowers Roses – Day 5

Proflowers Roses - Day 5

Proflowers Roses – Day 5

Proflowers Roses - Day 5

Proflowers Roses – Day 5

I called Proflowers on the 5th day and I complained that the most of the flowers have died and that I would like them to fix it. The customer representative told me that I should have called earlier because the flowers are expected to die within 7 days. I mentioned again that they state on their website that they have 7 day guarantee but she told me once again that they have 7 day guarantee but I should have called earlier. She dint even try to help me in any way.

I was extremely disappointed but then I remembered that I have gotten Free Google protection when I ordered because Proflowers is Google trusted store. I contacted Google Protection Program that was offered to me for free. I filled out Google short explanation of my problem and the next day I received a email from Proflowers that they have fully refunded me the whole amount.

Lesson learned: Buy from your local Florists and you will be much happier with your purchase and the person that received the flowers will enjoy them longer.  Don’t forget to add Google Protection when available.



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