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Windows 8 use Without Signing Up for Microsoft Account

Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 Start Screen

Do you want to use Windows 8 without signing up for Microsoft account?

People all over the world have different opinions on using a Microsoft account or not. Due to privacy reasons, it is possible to use Windows 8 without signing in for a Microsoft account.


Create a local account to run Windows 8:

Creating a local account is possible through selecting the option of making it however; Microsoft have tried a bit to hide it but it still is available. Make certain that the PC is not connected to the internet and then click on the option “Create the new account” there will also be link displayed “ Sign in without a Microsoft account” click this to select a password and username for the local account if you choose not to create a Microsoft account.

To keep all your settings and instructions, follow tips and instructions given below. Type settings and choose PC settings from the Start screen. From the settings, click your account and then Disconnect to create a distance from Microsoft Account if you already made it earlier. If one wants to switch back to Microsoft’s account follow the same steps with juts choosing the Connect to Microsoft account option which will then verify the account through email or text and save settings along with picture documents automatically to the storage service of Microsoft OneDrive cloud.

However; it is recommended to Sign in with a Microsoft account if you want to use an app or especially install it through Windows Store as suggested by the Windows itself before installation but this Windows Store can be installed on a local account as an alternative. Opt for Sign in each app separately after which you will be taken to the Microsoft account momentarily just to install the app although it is not recommended but still is a great substitute indeed.

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