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7 Port USB 3.0 Hub with 4A Power Adapter Review and USB 3.0 missing Driver Fix

7 Port USB 3.0 Hub with 4A Power Adapter Review and USB 3.0 missing Driver Fix



USB 3.0 7-Port HUBTechnology moves fast and the most popular device we use are powered and used via USB port.

Because I recently bought a USB 3.0 Flash Drive and Memory card reader that runs un USB 3.0 and learned that USB 3.0 has transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbit/s, which is 10 times as fast as USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/s) before taking into account that USB 3.0 is full duplex whereas USB 2.0 is half duplex, giving USB 3.0 the potential total bandwidth if utilized both ways to 20 times that of USB 2.0.

Now that I had few USB 3.0 devices I wanted to have a way to easily access the ports without pulling my PC tower to plug in my Flash Drive.  So I searched online and found A 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub.

I found one on eBay for $25. It’s a USB 3.0 7-Port Powered Hub. The reason I said powered is because It comes with A power supply. There are bunch of hubs that come without a power supply however you need to understand that USB devices consume power and USB port provides limited amount of power. With few USB devices plugged in into a USB hub you will noticed that your computer will throw a warning indicating that some of your devices are not working properly or will show other indication stating that there is a problem. This error or  device not working properly is a result that all available power has been used and you need to turn off one or more devices from your hub. This is where powered hub comes is and fixes that problem by providing additional power to your USB Devices.


When you purchase a USB HUB especially like mine 7 Port USB 3.0 you will need that extra power especially without addition power you will not be able to use all 7 Ports.


The USB 3.0 Hub that I purchased is a NO name USB Hub. The box states that it is Win/Mac Compatible and that it supports windows 7.

When I finally got it I was so excited and I will be able to plug in all my devices and any future devices I will have.  This particular Hub has 7 ports, Light indication that indicate when a device is ON and a ON/OFF switch for each port just in case you want to leave your device plugged in but you don’t want it to be used. The Hub came with USB 3.0 2 feet cable and 4A power supply. The thinks that it did not come with was any CD or manual. No big deal Right? Wrong!!!

I quickly unpacked it and plugged it in to a USB 3.0 in the back of my PC and connected the power supply to AC outlet. The computer recognized that it is a Hub and started to load Drivers but after one minute a notification came up stating that the device was not installed correctly.

The box stated that this Hub supports Windows 7 but the problem is that I have Windows Vista Professional 32Bit installed on my system. I automatically knew that the problem is that I need to find a driver for this Hub.

USB 3.0 Connction

After spending some time on the web I was able to find something similar to what I was looking for.

I found a Driver On Lenavo website USB 3.0 Driver for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit), XP – ThinkPad which I installed and my USB 3.0 Hub Started working.

If you are need a driver for your USB Hub than CLICK HERE to Download USB 3.0 HUB Driver directly from Lenavo Website.


 You can try one from Intel CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

 You can try one from Via Labs (slow download) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLAD


I hope this fixes you USB 3.0 Driver problem.

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Apple Vs. Samsung Vs. LG Smartphone War 2014

Apple Vs. Samsung Vs. LG Smartphone War 2014


This is another year that we are waiting for big rivals like Apple and Samsung to release new Flagship Smartphone.

It is certain that all 3 companies will be coming out with new phones this year, so which one will win us over.

Samsung will be announcing a new Flagship phone Galaxy S5 in March 2014. There were a lot of talks that Samsung will have the new OLED Flex Screen that was announced during CES 2013 but the new rumors suggest that it is unlikely. New rumors suggest that Samsung will be using QHD display instead of flexible OLED. That’s a bummer since LG announced that there 2014 phone will be G Flex, slightly curved phone.  Lets not rule it out just yet because Samsung will likely introduce two phones this year and just maybe one of the will be include the Flexible screen As that would be a game Changer for Samsung.

Apple will introduce a new IPhone 6 this year around September, October 2014. There are rumors and more rumors that Apple will have bigger screen. It is almost certain that it will as the current IPhone 5S and 5C screen is little to small for a current Smartphone.  There are also rumors that just like Samsung it may have up to 3 different sizes coming out in third quarter of this year. Will The new Iphone have Flex Screen? It is possible but also unlikely. It is assumed that the flex screen will be introduced by both companies in 2015.

LG wants to shine this year with what they call it a G Flex Phone. The new concept is defiantly cool but will it win the consumer? Probably not. It is still questionable how well build the phone is as it might be subject brake because of its bend shape. It is unlikely that LG phone will be able to Compete with Samsung or Apple but it just might come in a third place. Time will tell.

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Confirmed: Apple IPhone 6 Will Have Larger Screen

Will IPhone 6 Bigger Screen Save Apple ?Apple Stocks going down

Numerous sources have confirmed that apple will have larger  screen. However this is still not good new to share holders as Samsung Galaxy had larger screen for 2 years now. It is predicted that Apple shares AAPL Will lose value by 20-40% do to lack of innovations. Since Steve Wozniak has left Apple, there were no new innovations. Steve Jobs was able to take other technologies and combine them in his image to make something new. Now that Steve Jobs is no longer with Apple, Apple will have trouble coming out with something new as current Apple goal is to spent most of its time in courts fighting over patents.

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Samsung to Announce its new flagship phone Galaxy S5 in late March – Early April



There are a lot of rumors floating around we can almost bet that the new Samsung Galaxy S5  will be releast around March or April. Samsung tends to release a new phone every year so this time it should not be different.

What we know so far:

  • Galaxy S5 will have new improved screen.
  • More megapixel camera
  • Most likely a new design
  • Rapid Charge battery which will allow charging a battery in less than 2 hours

There is still no confirmation that the new galaxy S5 will have flex screen, but I a confident that it wall as Samsuhng has already created few prototypes with Flex Screen and was showing them off in 2013

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Did you ever wanted to sell on eBay and make a lot of Money? It is simpler than you may Think.


Did you ever wanted to sell on eBay and make a lot of Money? It is simpler than you may Think.


I have been selling on eBay for 12 Years now. Since I started EBay has changed in a lot of ways, something became better and some worse.

The biggest think that eBay has changed in 2013 was a new Policy providing Buyers 100% satisfaction or your money back. In another words “Customer is always Right”.

If you are a buyer that that is a good news for you. If you are a seller then it’s another story. As a seller I found that there is a lot of EBay buyers that abuse the system resulting a huge loss for the seller.

Another thing that eBay introduced was the new Fee Policy, Regular sellers pay 10% fee from final sales price including shipping,  little lower sales fees for eBay stores.

I will leave all the details for my next article but in mean time if you want to start selling on eBay than you are in luck.

I have created a YouTube video for you to make it ever easier. Just click on the link below and you will be selling in no time and making your $1000+ mounthy



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Buyers frustrated with EBay and now even the Sellers – What this means!




Buyers frustrated with EBay and now even the Sellers – What this means!



EBay has come a long way in last 3 years, new policy changes, basically changes to the way EBay does business o every day bases.. I myself am a eBay seller and I do allot of my shopping on eBay as well and I don’t like what is happening on both ends.

As a seller I feel like I am just getting taken for a ride by eBay. EBay decides everything to favor EBay. No matter what you do or not do, their actions are always the actions that reflect best on EBay.

Few biggest changes is that the Buyer is always right, PayPal is the only way of payment and increased fees. Buyers think that only the seller pays the fees, and that is partly true, but what buyers don’t realize is that those fees impact buyers in many ways.

Sellers bay on average 12% fee on a sold item. The fees varies from item to item but here is the basic brake down.

Fee for listing a item: $0-$2.50

Sales fee on item: 6-10% of final sold price

Shipping fee: 6-10% on total shipping cost charged by seller

PayPal payment fee: 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction, 3.9% transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on currency received.

So lets get a visual on the fees. So lets say I am selling a new IPhone 5S and I normally is costs $600 for a new one without a contract.

So I want to sell it for $600 as well and I will ship it priority mail for $9 + $7 + $16 for signature and insurance. Then I need to pay the fees if It sells

Listing fee:  .75 + (final sales fee 10%) $60 + (Shipping fee 10%) $1.60 + (PayPal payment processing 2.9% from $616(total money transfer) $18 = an the total is

$79.35 in total fees. That is a lot!!!

New Life Auctions has created fee calculator that you can play around and determine what your fees are

So what does this mean to A Buyer. If I am selling a item I am selling it to make profit, not take loses, so what I will do is increase the price in order to offset my cost of fees. I may not sell a item fast as I originally wanted but evenly I will sell my item at a higher price. What a lot of buyers don’t realize that you sometimes pay more on eBay than just going to your local store.

What you are also seeing is that more and more big companies start to sell on EBay, kicking small sellers of as they can no longer compete.

In few more years you will see that the only sellers on eBay will be Tigerdirect, Best Buy, Buy.com and so on.

If you have been on eBay for the last 10 years I am sure you noticed that there are no more great bargains on used electronics. The only thing eBay is still good is on buying electronic accessories.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 With OLED Flex Screen? Most likely – release around March 2014

Flex Screen

Flex Screen

Samsung Galaxy S5 With OLED Flex Screen? Most likely – release around March 2014

They might be rumors or maybe not but just like LG and Apple, Samsung will release the New Flex Screen Phone in early 2014. It is not surprise as we already seen a prototype during their showcase.

The only thing I would ask what ales will Samsung bring to the table.

Samsung has been busy coming out with new TVs, phones and tablets this year. It looks like that Samsung took the first place this year when it comes to being innovative. So if we see them do it again in 2014 it will be no supervise. We will have to wait till the date gets closer to get more details about ther upcoming device line


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Apple IPhone 6 will have Samsung OLED Flex screen

flex screen

Apple IPhone 6 will have Samsung OLED Flex screen 

Rumors have surfaced that the New Apple Iphone 6 will have Samsung OLED Flex screen on their phones. This is not really a surprise because LG will be releasing their LG G Flex phone before Christmas 2013 and available everywhere 1st quarter of 2014 . The only thing is will Apple innovations stop and they will copy what others are doing or will they do something innovating.

So far we here more about Apple releasing new Iphone. There is believe that there will be three version, Iphone 6, Iphone 6+ (a larger screen version) and Iphone 6C.

We will soon see what apple has stored for us,  This years Apple releases have not dazzled us as much.

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Pay off Credit Card Debt Saving Tips & Tricks – Be Debt Free Today

IMG_5273Paying Off Debt – Credit Card Debt Saving Tips & Tricks

Learn how you can save thousands on your credit card debt and how you can get credit card companies to actually pay you. In the last 5 years I saved over $20,000 on credit cards intrest and had them pay me around $1,000 of free money in a way. First of I will start writing about the credit card industry, than I will provide lots of ways and trick on saving money if you have Credit Card Debt. Lastly I will explain how you can get extra cash from the credit card companies
Credit Card industry made over 18 Billion dollars


In 2010 and most likely it will top 20 Billion for the year 2012. Majority of the profit comes from every transaction fee that online, gas station, and retail stores transaction.  The other share comes from you, the end user. This is why Credit card companies love you. You make them money when you swipe your card and when you decide to buy something that you don’t have the money to buy right now, but with a credit card you can. Every time you swipe your card there are fees associated  that the merchant pays, it’s usually $0.15-$2.00, most of the fee depends on the transaction value.  Most merchant use formula to calculate their fees, something like $0.19 for transaction and 1% of the amount. Bicycle $69.95 $0.19+$0.70 (1% of 69.95) = $0.89   That is not that bad right ? LCD TV $1,799 $0.19+$17.99 (1% of 1,799) = $18.18   Now we have almost $20 bucks on a single transaction. THIS IS NICE PROFIT!!! The rest of their income comes from you! Not to mention that credit card companies get there fees from merchants thanks to you too, because you were the one that decided to swipe the plastic card. This is how they make the Billions, and you are stuck  paying off credit card debt.

This is the fun part as we all would like to minimize are debt and pay off are credit cards as soon as possible. I will mention few tricks you might have heard over and over, I will list them here again, but what I am going to tell you may contradict some of those tips.
Here are few most common things you should try doing first.

1.      Call you credit card company and ask them if they can lower your interest rate, any percentage is a big plus. Try multiple time if you have too.
2.      Check all your credit cards for balance amounts and interest being charged to it.
3.      Try to pay off higher interest cards first.

And now for advance tips and tricks. Please read them all as there can be used together and there are some that may require that you do them separately.
One think to keep a eye out for is the letters from you credit card companies. Often they will send you blank check, whatever you do don’t throw them away. Blank checks from a credit card company are for balance transfers which usually have a lower interest. Another thing that is nice about it and that most credit cards will not tell you is that you can deposit them directly to your checking account and use them as you like. The checks can be used to lower your interest and can be used as cash advance but without the high cash advance interest rate and fees. Those checks will come in handy for to maximizing your savings when it comes to helping you pay off credit card debt.

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Things you need to do:

1.      Save the blank checks from credit cards companies.
2.      Check all your credit cards for outstanding balances and interest rates associated with them, write them down
3.      Call your credit card and try to lower your credit interest.
4.      Login to your credit card account and check if you have balance transfer option, and what are the terms and on which card. Compare the offers from all credit cards.

There are a lot of things you can do, there is also a lot of things you can’t do and things you need to watch out for. It all depends on how many credit cards you have and the balance that you carry.
Unlike the method above where I say to pay off credit card with the highest interest first, in this method we want to pay off credit card with the highest credit line and/or least debt on it. The reason for this is that we want to have a credit card that has 0 balance so that we can use that card to do balance transfer to lower interest rate. What you want to do is clear one credit card, do a balance transfer and then wait a month and do another balance transfer if you have more than 2 cards and so on and on. The trick here is to maintain lowest interest balance possible. $5000 balance with 19% interest equals $950 a year, for about 5 years it will take you to pay it off. That’s a total of around $4000 on a $5000 balance. Compare this if you do a balance transfers.
($200+1%) balance transfer fee + 5% (interest) = $$$ ($200+$50) + $250 = $500 a year (interest+fees) Verdict is $950-$500= $450 of savings a year. I had $50,000 of debt balance which given me savings of almost $5000 a year. You may need to do this process more than once so try to keep one credit card always empty if possible. Also try to find balance transfer offers that remain low interest till the balance is paid off.

Things you don’t want to do:

Credit card companies have few tricks under there sleeves as well, so avoid doing the following.
Lets say you have three credit cards with a credit line of ten thousand each.
Card 1: $6000 balance Card 2: $7000 balance Card 3: $8000 balance
Now lets say you won $5000 in lottery and you would want to use this money to pay off your cards. What most people or credit scoring agency will tell you to do the following to increase your credit score.
Card 1: $6000 -$1000 Card 2: $7000 -$2000 Card 3: $8000 -$2000
This is a process will increase your credit score because of the percentage that you owe vs. percentage that you can borrow. WATCH OUT!!!, here is what creditors do to stop you from helping your credit score. As soon as you make those payments, creditors will most likely evaluate your credit and drop your credit line from $30000 to $20000 which will bring your credit to balance ratio back up to the same thing. They say that this is to protect them self because your credit score dropt because you had a large percentage balance when what they are trying to do is make sure you don’t qualify for a reduced rate.
Here is what you want to do: Card 1: $6000 -$5000 Card 2: $7000 -$0 Card 3: $8000 -$0
This will bring one of your cards to $1000 balance and you can pay the rest off a lot sooner and use that empty card to do a balance transfer to lower the rates on the other 2 cards. This will also increase your credit score, maybe just not as much as the other way.
Another trick is to borrow money from a credit Union to pay off you balance or even one card so that you can lower your interest. You need to be a member or you may need to open a account with them, but they will most likely have the lowest rate available.
You can also borrow money from your 401K, since the interest is lower and you will be paying your self back.
If you don’t get offers for balance transfers from your credit cards and you don’t have more than 50%  of debt ratio, than try applying for a credit card that has that option, a lot of times they will try to attract you by saying 0% interest on balance transfers for one year.
I know 0% for a year sounds good, but try to use the ones that say 1%-5% for couple of years or till the balance is paid off,  The reason for that is that it takes more than a year to pay off a credit card debt, if you can do it sooner Great.
One Trick that you may have never heard off on a balance transfer. Lets assume that you have $30,000 credit line total on 3 cards and you have a balance of $29,000 on them. There is not much room to play with and chances are that the credit card companies will not offer you any deals on balance transfers. Here is what you can do. Find someone that you trust and they trust you, close friend, family member perhaps. Ask them if they would be willing to do a balance transfer for you. This means they will take the balance from your card and placed on there’s. This amount will most likely will have to stay on there account for 2-3 month but after that you should be able to do your own balance transfer and take ownership of the debt back, however at a lower interest rate now.
All balance transfers have fees associated with them but they are a lot cheaper then the interest credit cards charge.
So you ask, how can I have credit card companies to pay me? Today there are quite few credit card companies that offer Rewards points or cash back on purchases. Don’t do this if you already have a large balance on your credit cards. Look at your credit cards statement and see if there are any points rewords or cash back. Most credit cards like capital one or discover offer cash back on purchases from 1%-5% on a transaction. When normally you would buy something with cash, and credit card is accepted, then you should pay with credit card and put that cash on the side so that you can pay the balance off at the end of the month. If you go shopping for a new laptop with your friend and he wants to pay with cash. Offer to pay for it with your credit card and tell him to give you the cash. So try to use credit card whenever you can instead of cash, but be carful not to spend more than you can afford. Credit card interest is a lot greater than what you will be greater. There is no point of doing this if you have a balance sitting on your credit card and it is getting hit with interest, this is just bad idea.Those are few tricks you should consider. I will post more as times goes on. So subscribe, follow me. If you have any questions , please ask. If something is unclear, I will attempt to clarify it.
Happy savings.



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Apple Announces iPad Air + iPad Mini with Retina Display

New Ipad Release

New Ipad Release

Apple Announces iPad Air + iPad Mini with Retina Display

The New and improved 5th generation Ipad is 20 percent thinner and weighed only one pound.
It also got a spanking new name, The iPad Air !!!

The iPad Air received a boost in speed, camera quality and got slimmed.
*9.7″ Retina 2048×1536 resolution screen, but the bezel width decreased.
* The touchscreen has a new touch-rejection algorithm that can detect when you’re accidentally touching the edge of the screen, or if you really are interacting.
*64-bit A7 processor, same as found in the iPhone 5S that was released not so long ago.

Pricing for the new iPad Air is the same as previous generations.

Wifi Only:
$499 16GB Model
$599 32GB Model
$699 64GB Model
$799 128GB Model
Wifi + 4G LTE:
$629 16GB Model
$729 32GB Model
$829 64GB Model
$929 128GB Model

It should be available in most major countries on November 1 2013

Apple made a impression but not as big as everyone was hoping for. Sure they made upgrades to their iPad but perhaps not enough to some consumers.By now some critics suggest that Apple should have gone away from using 16GB models and step up to at least 32GB model. For one the memory has gone down in price dramatically and it would be assumed the 16GB is no longer enough space to hold higher resolution photos and videos that take up more space.

The second improvement that new Apple made there IPad (tablet) was it made it thinner and lighter. That all sound good, perhaps it will be nicer to carry lighter iPad but most iPad junkies would prefer longer battery life than the weight decrees. The biggest negative subject about Apple iPhones and iPad’s is that they are Power Hungry. Most users have to charge there device at least two-three times a day. Apple made there remarkable achievement in reducing the weight by making the battery smaller.

Apple upgraded their processor to A7 64Bit with is a powerful processor but This is something we would expect as a standard upgrade with a new device.

Well this is my two cents, let us know what you think

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