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Moving To A2Hosting for Faster Website Speed

Update: We are almost done moving to A2 Hosting, You may experience outages once in a while while we complete the move. We also hope that if you visit us during this time are site should have a lot faster response then we had in the last 6 month.

We will keep you posted with are progress:

In 2020 GoDaddy made service upgrade to their hosting that slowed down lots of older sites unless they opted in to a more expensive plans.
For us hear at Teckbay the cost increase would have been about 10X of what are current pricing is with GoDaddy which is on the higher side already. Especially now that most sites need a SSL certificate that GoDaddy charger $75 for a year for the cheapest plan. All those cost add up, if your website generates thousands of dollars a month than it might not be a big deal but if you are not then it is another story.

We did lots of research and compared lots of web hosting for WordPress and we have chosen A2 Hosting You can see their hosting plans here:

The reason we went with A2 Hosting is because they have cheaper hosting plans that offer more than GoDaddy. Also they offer SSL certificate for you website FREE, yes Free !

As all webhosting they offer their promo pricing for the first 3 years and then the price it goes up. With that consideration are price after 3 years would go up only to are current cost, but we will be getting free SSL certificate and faster hosting.

To all are visitors please note that are site might be down or glitchy sometimes during are transition from GoDaddy to A2Hosting. Since we are moving more than just one site their is probability that we might have some issues as we are currently experiencing problems with GoDaddy.

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Right to Repair Law question is Misleading on Ballot

“Right to Repair Law” Vehicle Data Access Requirement Initiative (2020)

The Right to Repair Law is in trouble as Big companies did a good job making it seem like it is a terrible idea that someone other then the manufacturer would be able to access data of your vehicle. Most of the ads I seen were that the data would be available to anyone freely at any time to track your movement and location. This is simply not true. I hope people have read the information and dint just vote on it from the information they received on the news or social media.

It is very troubling that the title of the ballot question did not say Right To Repair as this would be more informing.

We strongly believe in the Right To Repair. We should have the option to repair are product we buy if we choose. The blocking of right to repair would mean you never really own anything you buy. Please support the Right To Repair! It should be your right. Don’t let big companies dictate on what you can and can not do with products you buy.

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iPhone 12 missing zoom camera

iPhone 12 did not get a telephoto zoom lens but that does not mean the cameras is going to be bad. The iPhone 12 Pro will have a telephoto with 5x zoom, which is probably good for most users. The new cameras did receive a bigger improvement that unless you are familiar with photography you would not think much about it. The Aperture has been improved to F1.6 which is extremely huge upgrade. Smaller the aperture number the better photos you should be able to take because you need less light to get brilliant colors and textures. Should you be disappointed that you don’t het a 50x telephoto lens? defiantly not. 

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Apple iPhone 12 Screen 60hz refresh rate still slow

Apple just announce new iPhone 12 lineup, and unfortunately bigger screens with 60hz refresh rate only. Others like Samsung and OnePlus have 120hz refresh rate screens that make user experience extremely snappy. No mention of any epic games but they have announce that you should be able to run more powerful games with the new A14 Bionic processor.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Note 10 Plus Case LED Back Cover Review

Samsung came introduced LED back case for Galaxy S10 and Note 10.
We have to say that it is cool Tech however once we started using it it was not as cool.
For those who like to show off, the case will turn few heads. But it will turn few heads so it might be worth wile checking it out.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks and Rumors

There is lots of hype over what will Samsung deliver in the Next Galaxy Note 10.
So far we believe that Samsung will be announcing two new phones in August 2019.
It is also likely that Samsung will be changing name of the Note 10 to Note X.

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Apple Watch series 4 Disapointment

Apple Watch Series 4 Disappointment .

Apple has finally announced a redesign Smart watch called “ Apple Watch Series 4”. One major key feature that apple points out is that now its  a Health Watch.  Capable of detecting a hart attack and capable of dialing emergency services if you fall. This is nothing new as some companies already have this feature in the watches. Another issue we have is the pricing that starts at $399 which is slight increase from last year model and once again you will pay premium for colors.

The only one thing that grabbed are attention that might get us to upgrade to a new watch is the edge to edge display and improved microphone and sound.

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New Technologies Pertaining to Mobile Gadgets

BenjaminNelan / Pixabay

BenjaminNelan / Pixabay

New Technologies Pertaining to Mobile Gadgets


Mobile gadgets are the hot topic in every discussion across ages. The organizations in this field are coming up with new phone and new accessories every day. Various gadgets are available in market to cater diverse market across generation. The utility factor of mobile gadgets is also increasing day by day. People are becoming more technology freak these days. Earlier one used to think of a mobile only to communicate but nowadays it is used to do business as well. Hence the utility is increasing and so the price.


  • The various strata’s consumers

Now mobile gadgets are considered to be the leading sector in consumer industry. Earlier one specific class of people were seen carrying mobile but now from lower to upper section of people in current society uses mobile. It is no more a comfort factor; it has become the necessity of regular life for all professions. Mobile gadgets are used nowadays by every parent to know the whereabouts of their kids if they are safe etc. Mobile companies are introducing gadgets with accessories to capture the market in this competitive world.


Unsplash / Pixabay

Unsplash / Pixabay

  • Target of introducing newer mobile gadgets

Mobile gadgets are designed specific to their target audience. Its decor and utility are specific to their usage pattern. Nowadays almost every family member owns a mobile of different price tags. This is no more a social status symbol but a necessity of regular life. A person who pulls a rickshaw also needs a mobile. Mobile gadgets are more defined as the product without which living can be considered as a problem.


  • The various such gadgets

Tablets, laptop, notepads, ipod etc are considered to be few of the mobile gadgets used in our society. Mobile gadget companies are continuously working in developing such gadgets which is useful for mankind in their regular life, reduce manual intervention and increases technology dependencies. Unlike electronic gadgets mobile gadgets are more expensive and user friendly. It has adverse effects on human society and culture to great extent.

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Samsung to Announce its new flagship phone Galaxy S5 in late March – Early April



There are a lot of rumors floating around we can almost bet that the new Samsung Galaxy S5  will be releast around March or April. Samsung tends to release a new phone every year so this time it should not be different.

What we know so far:

  • Galaxy S5 will have new improved screen.
  • More megapixel camera
  • Most likely a new design
  • Rapid Charge battery which will allow charging a battery in less than 2 hours

There is still no confirmation that the new galaxy S5 will have flex screen, but I a confident that it wall as Samsuhng has already created few prototypes with Flex Screen and was showing them off in 2013

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Apple Announces iPad Air + iPad Mini with Retina Display

New Ipad Release

New Ipad Release

Apple Announces iPad Air + iPad Mini with Retina Display

The New and improved 5th generation Ipad is 20 percent thinner and weighed only one pound.
It also got a spanking new name, The iPad Air !!!

The iPad Air received a boost in speed, camera quality and got slimmed.
*9.7″ Retina 2048×1536 resolution screen, but the bezel width decreased.
* The touchscreen has a new touch-rejection algorithm that can detect when you’re accidentally touching the edge of the screen, or if you really are interacting.
*64-bit A7 processor, same as found in the iPhone 5S that was released not so long ago.

Pricing for the new iPad Air is the same as previous generations.

Wifi Only:
$499 16GB Model
$599 32GB Model
$699 64GB Model
$799 128GB Model
Wifi + 4G LTE:
$629 16GB Model
$729 32GB Model
$829 64GB Model
$929 128GB Model

It should be available in most major countries on November 1 2013

Apple made a impression but not as big as everyone was hoping for. Sure they made upgrades to their iPad but perhaps not enough to some consumers.By now some critics suggest that Apple should have gone away from using 16GB models and step up to at least 32GB model. For one the memory has gone down in price dramatically and it would be assumed the 16GB is no longer enough space to hold higher resolution photos and videos that take up more space.

The second improvement that new Apple made there IPad (tablet) was it made it thinner and lighter. That all sound good, perhaps it will be nicer to carry lighter iPad but most iPad junkies would prefer longer battery life than the weight decrees. The biggest negative subject about Apple iPhones and iPad’s is that they are Power Hungry. Most users have to charge there device at least two-three times a day. Apple made there remarkable achievement in reducing the weight by making the battery smaller.

Apple upgraded their processor to A7 64Bit with is a powerful processor but This is something we would expect as a standard upgrade with a new device.

Well this is my two cents, let us know what you think

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